Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: catur

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: catur

  catur-bhuja—four-armed    Adi 17.286, Adi 17.290
  catur-bhuja—four hands    Adi 6.32
  catur-bhuja—fourhanded    Madhya 9.64
  catur-bhuja-murti—four-handed form    Madhya 9.149
  catur-bhuja-murti—four-armed form    Madhya 10.33
  catur-bhuja-rupa—the form with four hands    Madhya 6.203
  catur-bhujah—the four-handed form of Narayana (the worshipable Deity of Bhismadeva).    SB 1.9.24
  catur-bhuje—unto the four-handed original Narayana    SB 1.9.30
  catur-bhujena—four-handed    Bg 11.46
  catur-dise—in all directions    Adi 9.30
  catur-masa—four months    Madhya 9.167
  catur-vidham—four kinds of.    Bg 15.14
  catur-vidhah—four kinds of    Bg 7.16
  catur-vyuhera—of the quadruple expansions    Adi 5.40
  catur-yuga—four yugas (Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali)    SB 9.3.32
  catur-masya—the four months for vows    Madhya 4.169
  catur-varnyam—the four divisions of human society    Bg 4.13