Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: carma

  carma—skin    SB 2.10.31, Madhya 2.12, Antya 14.65-66, Antya 18.72
  carma—shield    SB 4.7.20, SB 6.4.35-39, SB 6.8.12, SB 9.10.42-43
  carma—deerskin    Madhya 10.169
  carma—the skin    Antya 18.53

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: carma

  carma-ambara—deerskin garment    Madhya 10.158, Madhya 10.160
  aineya-carma—blackish deerskin    SB 9.15.29
  carma-ambara—dress of skin    Madhya 1.285
  carma-ambara—the garment of deerskin    Madhya 10.159
  carma-ambara chadi—giving up the deerskin garment    Madhya 10.161
  carma-ambara-paridhane—by putting on a garment of skin    Madhya 10.159
  carma-cakse—by the naked eye    Adi 2.13
  carma-cakse—the material eyes    Adi 5.20
  carma-cakse—with our ordinary material eyes    Madhya 20.159
  carma-matra—only skin    Antya 14.67
  dhanuh-sula-isu-carma-asi—with bow, trident, arrows, shield and sword    SB 10.4.10-11
  mrga-carma-ambara—a garment made of deerskin    Madhya 10.154
  ajagaram carma—the dry body of Aghasura, which remained only a big skin    SB 10.12.36