Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: cari

  cari—four    Adi 2.29, Adi 3.11, Adi 3.19, Adi 3.42, Adi 3.48, Adi 5.30, Adi 7.84, Adi 10.9, Adi 13.18, Adi 14.58 (and more...)
  cari—four types    Adi 4.42
  cari—and four    Adi 3.48
  cari—in four    Madhya 2.78
  cari—four kinds of liberation    Madhya 6.267

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: cari

  cari-dike—all around    Madhya 9.231, Madhya 12.84, Madhya 12.137, Madhya 12.139, Antya 11.67
  cari masa—for four months    Madhya 9.107, Madhya 16.47, Madhya 16.285, Antya 6.248
  saha-cari—O My dear friend    Madhya 1.76, Antya 1.79, Antya 1.114, Antya 1.190
  cari bhai—four brothers    Adi 10.11, Adi 11.46, Antya 12.11
  cari-masa—four months    Madhya 1.47, Madhya 1.255-256, Madhya 15.16
  cari cari—there are four different varieties    Madhya 24.288, Madhya 24.288
  cari cari prakara—each of four different categories    Madhya 24.287, Madhya 24.287
  cari danda—four dandas (one danda equals twenty-four minutes)    Madhya 19.130, Antya 6.310
  cari janera—of the four persons    Madhya 11.231, Antya 11.79
  cari-sata mudra—four hundred coins    Antya 6.259, Antya 6.267
  cari-cari pana—four panas each (one pana equals twenty gandas)    Madhya 15.72, Madhya 15.72
  cari-dike—on four sides    Madhya 11.225, Madhya 11.230
  cari-dike—on all sides    Madhya 15.208, Madhya 15.209
  cari-dike—in four directions    Madhya 20.193, Antya 2.28
  cari-jana—four men    Madhya 7.33, Antya 11.84
  dui-cari—two or four.    Madhya 2.25, Madhya 5.15
  dui-cari—two to four    Madhya 17.62-63, Antya 6.55
  bhata dui-cari—two or four pieces of the thrown rice    Madhya 3.95
  saka dui-cari—spinach of two to four kinds    Antya 10.135-136
  cari aksara—composed of four syllables    Antya 2.31
  cari artha—four meanings    Madhya 24.211
  cari bhakta—four devotees    Madhya 4.10
  cari bhite—in the four directions.    Madhya 9.232
  cari bhai—we four brothers    Madhya 11.145
  cari sabdera artha—the meanings of these four words    Madhya 24.293
  cari danda—about two hours    Adi 10.102
  cari dike—all around    Madhya 13.75
  cari gosanira—of the four gosanis, or spiritual masters    Madhya 11.34
  cari jana—quadruple expansions    Madhya 20.210
  cari jane—to these four persons    Madhya 13.35
  cari kopina-bahirvasa—four sets of loincloths and external clothing    Madhya 7.60
  cari kundi—four earthen pots    Antya 6.83
  cari kundira—of the four pots    Antya 6.94
  cari kaya—four bodies.    Adi 5.9
  cari masa—four months    Antya 1.214
  cari mase—four months.    Madhya 9.86
  cari masera dina—the days of four months    Madhya 14.68
  cari pichada—four carrier servants    Antya 11.77
  cari purusa-artha—the four kinds of so-called goals of life    Madhya 24.64
  cari pase—on four sides    Adi 5.40
  cari paika—four watchmen    Madhya 20.33
  cari sampradaya—the four groups    Madhya 11.225
  cari sampradaya—four parties    Madhya 13.34
  cari sampradaya—four groups of sankirtana parties    Madhya 14.234
  cari sampradaya gaya—four groups were chanting    Madhya 13.47
  cari sampradaye—in the four parties    Madhya 13.33
  cari sevaka—four personal servants    Madhya 16.229
  cari vadana—four faces.    Madhya 21.84
  cari vaisnava—four Vaisnavas    Antya 11.77
  cari varna—four colors    Madhya 20.330
  cari varna dhari—accepting these four colors    Madhya 20.330
  cari varna-asrami—followers of the four social and spiritual orders of life    Madhya 22.26
  cari-bhite—on the four walls    Antya 19.64
  cari-bhaira—of four brothers    Madhya 11.144
  cari-bare—four times    Antya 9.63
  cari-sabda—four words    Madhya 24.304
  cari-sata bisa—420    Madhya 20.321
  cari-sloke—in four verses    Adi 5.12
  cari-dik—all around    Madhya 4.82
  cari-dike—surrounding the mound of rice    Madhya 3.44
  cari-dike—in the four directions    Madhya 11.215
  cari-dikera—in all four directions    Madhya 11.223
  cari-jana—the four persons    Madhya 18.179
  cari-jana mili—all four of them    Madhya 25.63
  cari-jana-sathe—with the other four persons    Madhya 3.216
  cari-jane—four persons    Madhya 10.67
  cari-janera—of the original of the four expansions    Madhya 20.194
  cari-janere—the four persons    Madhya 18.166
  cari-janara—of the four-personalities    Madhya 20.210
  cari-laksa grantha—400,000 verses    Antya 4.231
  cari-masa—for four months    Antya 10.152
  cari-masa rahi—remaining for four months    Antya 10.157
  cari-mase—for four months    Antya 16.77
  cari-pana—four times eighty small conchshells    Antya 8.41
  cari-prahara—generally after four praharas    Madhya 20.390
  cari-putra-sange—with four of his sons    Madhya 10.49
  cari-pase—all around    Adi 5.190
  cari-sahasra—4,000    Madhya 20.322
  cari-vatsara—for four years    Antya 13.117
  cari-veda—the four divisions of the Vedas (Sama, Yajur, Rg and Atharva)    Madhya 25.98
  cari-vidha—the four kinds    Madhya 24.60
  cari-vidha jana—they are also of four varieties.    Madhya 24.290
  cari-vidha prakasa—they are manifested in four varieties.    Madhya 24.289
  cari-yuga—four ages    Adi 3.7
  cari-yuga-avatare—of the incarnations in the four different yugas    Madhya 20.349
  cari-yuge—in the four ages    Adi 3.7
  danda-cari—four dandas (ninety-six minutes)    Antya 6.159-160
  dina dui-cari—another two or four days    Madhya 3.198
  dina dui-cari—two or four days    Madhya 16.157
  dui cari—a few    Madhya 2.88
  dui-cari jana—two or four demons    Madhya 13.156
  dui-cari-laksa kahana—two to four hundred thousand kahanas    Antya 9.123
  e cari prakara—there are also the same four varieties    Madhya 24.291
  e cari vicara—there is a consideration of four principles, namely the person, country, time and atmosphere    Madhya 25.121
  ei cari—these four men    Madhya 18.184
  ei cari—these four    Madhya 23.48
  ei cari—these four persons    Madhya 24.96
  ei cari haite—from these four    Madhya 20.191
  ei cari mili—four rogues together    Madhya 18.182
  ei cari masa—these four months    Madhya 16.282
  ei cari thani—in these four places    Antya 2.34-35
  ei cari-jana—these four persons    Madhya 3.209-210
  ei cari-janera—of the four personalities    Madhya 20.203
  ei thak cari-jana—these four persons are rogues.    Madhya 18.181
  eka-dui-tina-cari—one, two, three, four    Madhya 20.390
  jana cari—four men.    Antya 11.81
  kaudi cari pana—four times eighty small conchshells    Antya 8.40
  kaudi cari-pana—four panas of conchshells    Antya 10.156
  khe-cari—who traveled in outer space    SB 10.6.4
  mukhya cari-jana—the four chief expansions.    Madhya 20.186
  nisa-cari—the Raksasi    SB 10.6.13
  pada-cari—moving on foot    SB 6.12.27-29
  seha cari bara—those four times    Madhya 24.304
  svaira-cari—acting irresponsibly    SB 6.1.67
  tina-cari raga—three or four different tunes.    Antya 13.128
  varsara cari masa—the four months of the rainy season    Madhya 16.282
  varsara cari-masa—the four months of the rainy season    Antya 4.107