Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: caranau

  caranau—the feet    SB 9.5.18, SB 9.17.13
  caranau—the two lotus feet    SB 3.15.37
  caranau—the organs for traveling (legs)    SB 3.26.13
  caranau—His two feet    SB 3.26.67
  caranau—at the lotus feet    SB 7.12.3
  caranau—two legs    SB 10.6.11
  caranau—her two legs    SB 10.6.13

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: caranau

  caranau udaksipat—out of anger, threw His two legs hither and thither.    SB 10.7.6
  rama-caranau—the lotus feet of Lord Ramacandra    SB 9.11.15