Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: caran

  caran—wandering    SB 1.16.18, SB 3.31.15, SB 4.29.30-31, SB 8.19.5, SB 9.9.20-21, SB 9.18.18
  caran—moving    SB 1.17.7, SB 3.17.26, SB 9.6.51
  caran—acting    Bg 2.64
  caran—traveling    SB 3.23.41
  caran—by practice of self-realization and understanding of the Absolute Truth    SB 7.12.16
  caran—while wandering (toward the lake)    SB 8.2.20
  caran—behaving    SB 8.24.6
  caran—walking    SB 9.11.8
  caran—while walking    SB 9.14.42
  caran—wandering in that way    SB 9.21.36
  caran—while passing    Antya 15.51
  khe-carān—human beings who travel in space.    SB 4.8.53
  pathi caran—passing over the right path    SB 2.7.17
  sthira-carān—to the living entities, both moving and not moving    Madhya 18.1

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