Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: carah

  caraḥ—moving.    SB 6.17.1
  carāḥ—followers    SB 4.29.23-25
  antaḥ-caraḥ—can penetrate into everyone's heart    SB 1.5.7
  eka-caraḥ—alone    SB 5.5.30
  eka-caraḥ—the tiger that wanders alone    SB 5.8.18
  jala-caraḥ—aquatic    SB 8.24.26
  kha-caraḥ—in the sky    SB 3.13.27
  khe-carāḥ—demigods traveling in outer space    SB 4.15.19
  na-eka-caraḥ—the hogs that flock together    SB 5.8.18
  niśā-carāḥ—the uncivilized persons wandering at night in the darkness of ignorance    SB 9.10.5
  vāri-caraḥ api—although taking the form of a fish    SB 6.9.23

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