Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: candra

  candra—the moon    SB 4.12.25, Adi 1.97
  candra—moon    Adi 1.102, Antya 19.38
  candra—moons    Adi 1.85-86
  candra—like the moon    Antya 15.63

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: candra

  advaita-candra—to Advaita Acarya    Adi 2.3, Adi 3.2, Adi 4.2, Madhya 5.2, Madhya 10.2, Madhya 13.2, Madhya 16.2, Madhya 17.2, Madhya 20.2, Madhya 21.2 (and more...)
  jaya advaita-candra—all glory to Advaita Acarya    Adi 1.18, Adi 5.2, Adi 6.2, Adi 14.2, Adi 17.2, Madhya 6.2, Madhya 7.2, Madhya 8.2, Antya 2.2, Antya 3.2
  jaya advaita-candra—all glories to Advaita Prabhu    Adi 10.2, Madhya 1.7, Madhya 4.2, Madhya 9.2, Madhya 15.2, Madhya 19.2, Antya 1.8
  advaita-candra—to Advaita Prabhu    Madhya 11.2, Madhya 12.2, Madhya 22.2, Madhya 25.2, Antya 20.2
  advaita-candra—to Sri Advaita Gosani    Madhya 3.2, Madhya 18.2
  gaura-candra—Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 5.73, Antya 14.2
  koti-candra—millions upon millions of moons    Adi 5.188, Antya 15.76
  purna-candra—full moon    Adi 8.64, Madhya 21.127
  advaita-candra—to Sri Advaita Acarya    Antya 4.2
  avadhuta-candra—to the moon of mendicants    Antya 8.3
  candra haya—are like the moon    Madhya 21.125
  candra-amsu—like the rays of the moon    SB 7.8.19-22
  candra-arkau—both the moon and the sun    SB 8.9.26
  candra-arkabhyam—by both the moon and the sun    SB 8.9.24
  candra-bimbe—from the moon    Madhya 13.109
  candra-sekhara—Candrasekhara    Antya 13.43
  candra-suklah—Candrasukla    SB 5.19.29-30
  candra-gana—other moons    Adi 13.5
  candra-gana—the different full moons    Madhya 21.128
  candra-grahana—lunar eclipse    Adi 13.20
  candra-jyotsna—the illumination of the full moon    Antya 19.41
  candra-kanti—a kind of bread made from urad dhal    Madhya 14.31
  candra-kantye—by the shining of the moon    Antya 18.27
  candra-lalama—Lord Siva    SB 3.16.9
  candra-lekham—the crest of a half-moon    SB 4.6.36
  candra-maulih—who carries on his forehead the emblem of the moon    SB 8.18.28
  candra-mukha—O moon-faced one    Adi 10.19
  candra-mukha—the moon-faced.    Adi 12.33
  candra-pandurah—being as white as the moon    SB 8.8.3
  candra-udaye—such moons having arisen    Adi 13.4
  candra-vadana—moon-faced.    Madhya 5.137
  candra-varcasam—as brilliant as the moonshine    SB 9.15.5-6
  candra-vasa—Candravasa    SB 5.19.17-18
  candra-aditya-uparage—at the time of the eclipse of either the moon or the sun    SB 7.14.20-23
  sarat-amanda-candra-prabha—like the shine of the full moon in the autumn    Antya 1.191
  sata-candra—possessing brilliant circles like a hundred moons    SB 6.8.26
  sata-candra-vartmabhih—by the maneuvers of his sword and his shield, which was marked with a hundred moonlike spots    SB 7.8.28
  sata-candra-yuktah—with a shield decorated with hundreds of moons    SB 8.20.31
  sri-caitanya-candra—Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Adi 5.6
  sakha-candra-nyaya—by the analogy of the moon and the branches of a tree    Madhya 20.248
  sakha-candra-nyaya—the logic of showing the moon through the branches of a tree    Antya 17.65
  sakha-candra-nyaye—by the logic of showing the moon through the branches of a tree    Madhya 20.404
  sakha-candra-nyaye—according to the logic of seeing the moon through the branches of a tree    Madhya 21.30
  gaura-candra—whose name is Lord Gauranga    Adi 8.2
  gaura-candra—Lord Gauracandra    Adi 13.2
  gaura-candra—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 9.253
  gaura-candra—to Sri Caitanya    Antya 3.2
  jaya advaita-candra—all glories to Advaita Acarya    Adi 13.2
  koti-candra—like the light of millions of moons    Madhya 2.34
  krsna-candra—Lord Krsna.    Madhya 8.226
  mukha-candra—moonlike face    Madhya 12.21
  nityananda-candra—Lord Nityananda    Adi 11.37
  nityananda-candra—to Lord Nityananda Prabhu    Antya 11.6
  purna-candra—the full moon    Adi 13.98
  purna-candra—full moons    Madhya 21.127
  purna-candra—of the full moon    Antya 19.82
  surya-candra—the sun and the moon    Adi 1.88-89