Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: calite

  calite—to go    Madhya 1.226, Madhya 3.193, Madhya 16.12
  calite—to leave    Adi 7.160
  calite—while going    Adi 14.78
  calite—while walking    Madhya 1.165
  calite—to go.    Madhya 16.85
  calite—to pass through.    Madhya 16.258
  calite—to travel    Madhya 17.3
  calite—going    Madhya 17.152
  calite—to go away    Antya 11.95
  calite—to move    Antya 14.91
  calite—to walk    Antya 20.94

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: calite

  calite calite—walking on and on    Madhya 5.3, Madhya 5.3
  calite calite—walking in this way    Madhya 5.147, Madhya 5.147
  calite na para—you cannot walk    Antya 4.124
  calite nariba—You will not be able to go    Madhya 16.93
  keha calite narila—no one could move    Antya 12.77
  na pare calite—he could not go.    Antya 13.21