Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: calat

  calat—walking    SB 3.31.12
  calat—moving    SB 4.25.18
  calat—trembling    SB 7.8.3-4
  calat—agitating    SB 8.2.14-19
  calat—moving like that    SB 8.12.19

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: calat

  brhat-calat-sroni-bhara-akranta-gatih—being overburdened by the weight of her large breasts, she became tired and had to reduce her speed    SB 10.9.10
  calat-carana-nupuram—moving ankle bells    SB 8.8.41-46
  calat-cilli—of moving eyebrows    Madhya 14.194
  calat-guh—making the entire planet tremble    Madhya 16.145
  calat-kankanau—the two bangles were moving    SB 10.9.3
  calat-kucah—their developed breasts were moving.    SB 10.5.10
  calat-taram—like moving stars    Madhya 14.189