Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: caksusah

  cakṣuṣaḥ—of the sense of sight    SB 3.31.45-46
  cakṣuṣaḥ—of Cakṣu    SB 8.5.7
  cākṣuṣaḥ—Cākṣuṣa    SB 8.5.7
  cākṣuṣaḥ—was named Cākṣuṣa    SB 9.2.23-24
  cākṣuṣāḥ—the Cākṣuṣas    SB 8.13.34
  jñāna-cakṣuṣaḥ—one who has the eyes of knowledge.    Bg 15.10
  manuḥ cākṣuṣaḥ—the Manu named Cākṣuṣa    SB 6.6.15
  naṣṭa-cakṣuṣaḥ—those who have lost their vision.    SB 3.7.40

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