Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ca

  ca—also    Bg 1.4, Bg 1.5, Bg 1.8, Bg 1.9, Bg 1.11, Bg 1.13, Bg 1.14, Bg 1.16-18, Bg 1.19, Bg 1.25 (and more...)
  ca—and    Bg 1.1, Bg 1.5, Bg 1.6, Bg 1.8, Bg 1.13, Bg 1.16-18, Bg 1.30, Bg 2.24, Bg 2.29, Bg 2.66 (and more...)
  ca—also.    Bg 1.31, Bg 2.52, Bg 3.39, Bg 10.9, Bg 11.5, Bg 13.15, Bg 13.17, Bg 14.2, Bg 14.17, Bg 14.27 (and more...)
  ca—and.    Bg 1.8, Bg 9.17, Bg 10.20, SB 1.1.13, SB 1.5.29, SB 1.5.36, SB 1.5.37, SB 1.6.11, SB 1.7.42, SB 1.7.53-54 (and more...)
  ca—as well as    Bg 1.8, SB 1.16.31, SB 2.6.21, SB 2.7.9, SB 2.7.20, SB 2.8.17, SB 2.9.46, SB 3.12.2, SB 3.12.11, SB 4.22.8 (and more...)
  ca—indeed    Bg 2.31, SB 7.3.7, SB 7.9.11, SB 7.9.14, SB 9.9.8, SB 9.19.18, SB 9.24.58, SB 10.1.59, SB 10.3.47
  ca—as also    SB 1.10.24, SB 1.15.37, SB 2.5.20, SB 2.6.24, SB 2.6.27, SB 3.9.25
  ca—certainly    Bg 18.3, SB 2.2.6, Adi 1.54, Madhya 11.28, Madhya 15.170, Madhya 25.119
  ca—the word ca    Madhya 24.67, Madhya 24.185, Madhya 24.225, Madhya 24.295
  ca—and also    Bg 4.5, SB 2.6.12, SB 7.14.20-23
  ca—respectively    Bg 5.18, SB 1.11.20
  ca—or    SB 1.17.23, SB 4.22.8
  ca—also, madhusudana    Bg 2.4
  ca—and ksatram-ksatriya    Bg 18.43
  ca—over and above    SB 1.11.30
  ca—verily    SB 2.2.32
  ca—and for all    SB 2.6.20
  ca—all these    SB 2.6.25
  ca—totally    SB 2.7.34-35
  ca—as much as    SB 2.7.34-35
  ca—and the paraphernalia    SB 2.7.42
  ca—also that I have not been able to ask    SB 2.8.24
  ca—only    SB 2.8.25
  ca—however    SB 2.10.19
  ca—also other bodily forms    SB 2.10.21
  ca—unlimitedly    SB 2.10.33
  ca—thus    SB 3.2.13
  ca—either    SB 3.7.2
  ca—but    SB 3.10.26
  ca—and Devahuti    SB 3.24.11
  ca—and (the five gross material elements and the ten acting and knowledge-gathering senses)    SB 6.4.27-28
  ca—an d    SB 6.18.51
  ca—as well.    SB 7.10.49
  ca—ca    Madhya 24.65
  ca—this word ca    Madhya 24.67
  ca—and    Antya 13.1

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: ca

  ca-sabde—by the word ca    Madhya 24.148, Madhya 24.162, Madhya 24.202, Madhya 24.221, Madhya 24.223
  disah ca—and all directions    SB 4.10.6, SB 8.20.32-33, SB 10.6.12
  ramah ca—and Rama    Madhya 24.151, Madhya 24.151, Madhya 24.151
  tvam ca—you also    SB 8.16.59, SB 9.4.10, SB 10.11.19
  atmaramah ca munayah ca nirgranthah ca bhajaya—the atmaramas, great sages and nirgranthas (the learned and the fools) are all eligible to engage in the transcendental loving service of the Lord.    Madhya 24.303, Madhya 24.303, Madhya 24.303
  ca eva—as well as    SB 8.16.53, SB 9.18.33
  eva ca—also    Bg 14.22-25, SB 6.8.27-28
  eva ca—and certainly    SB 3.2.20, SB 9.14.48
  eva ca—as well as    SB 6.8.27-28, SB 9.15.37
  kva ca—sometimes    SB 5.13.7, SB 5.13.9
  kvacit ca—and sometimes    SB 5.13.4, SB 5.14.19
  manah ca—as well as the mind    Adi 5.83, Madhya 20.267
  na ca—nor    Adi 6.102, Madhya 2.18
  nadyah ca—as well as rivers    SB 5.20.10, SB 5.20.15
  ramah ca krsnah ca—both Rama and Krsna    Madhya 24.222, Madhya 24.222
  tri-bhuvanam ca—and the three worlds    SB 10.2.40, Madhya 20.299
  yah ca—and which    SB 2.8.17, SB 3.7.34
  atmaramah ca munayah ca—all the atmaramas and munis    Madhya 24.221, Madhya 24.221
  atmaramah ca atmaramah ca—repeating the words atmaramah and ca    Madhya 24.149, Madhya 24.149
  atmaramah ca atmaramah ca—repeating atmaramah    Madhya 24.296, Madhya 24.296
  abhyudaye ca karmani—and in a sacrificial ceremony in which oblations are offered to the forefathers and demigods    SB 6.19.26-28
  asvam ca—and his horse    SB 9.1.26
  adharmam ca—and irreligion    Bg 18.31
  adhah ca—and downward    SB 8.7.13
  aditim ca—as well as Aditi    SB 8.23.26-27
  agnayah ca—and the fires (at the places of sacrifice)    SB 10.3.1-5
  agni-jvala-ca ya—molecular particle of fire    Madhya 20.108-109
  agnih ca—and the fire    SB 8.16.9
  aham ca—also myself    SB 1.8.23
  aham ca—also the ego    SB 3.6.40
  aham ca—also I    SB 3.9.16
  ahah ca—daytime    SB 8.20.25-29
  angam ca—necessary paraphernalia    SB 2.9.31
  aindrim ca—and to the quarters where Indra lives    SB 5.21.11
  aksnoh ca—in the eyes    SB 8.20.25-29
  alpam ca—and very meager    Bg 18.22
  amisam ca—and of those who are innocent    SB 10.12.28
  amrtam ca—and eternal life    SB 10.1.5-7
  anasuyah ca—and not envious    Bg 18.71
  anah ca—and the handcart    SB 10.11.24
  anugrahah ca—and false ego or the demigods    SB 7.9.48
  anugrahah ca—and the maintainer    SB 10.2.28
  anyaih ca—and others also    SB 8.19.15
  anyaih ca—and by many others    SB 10.2.1-2
  anyat ca—and others also    SB 10.1.12
  anyat ca—another rope    SB 10.9.15
  anyan ca—other limbs also    SB 4.9.6
  anyan ca—others also    SB 8.16.54
  anyah ca—and other wives    SB 10.2.7
  api ca—or    SB 5.8.18
  api ca—also.    Madhya 14.227
  apohanam ca—and forgetfulness    Bg 15.15
  apsarasah ca—and the celestial dancing girls    SB 10.12.34
  apuri ca—filled.    SB 10.11.11
  asubhih ca—of life also    SB 8.15.3
  atha brhaspateh ca—also to Brhaspati.    SB 3.8.8
  avyayam ca—and inexhaustible    SB 9.4.15-16
  baddham ca—and bound by the belly    SB 10.11.3
  baddhah ca—I am arrested and bound    SB 8.22.6-7
  baddhah ca—and forcefully bound    SB 8.22.29-30
  bahih ca antah—the external and the internal    SB 10.9.13-14
  balam ca—as well as bodily strength    SB 8.5.41
  bhautikanam ca—also of everything that is made of matter    SB 1.4.17-18
  bhavatah ca—and of You    Madhya 8.195
  bhavatam ca—for you also    SB 1.9.14
  bhavah ca—as well as Lord Siva    SB 8.6.27
  bhavah ca—and Lord Siva    SB 10.2.25
  bhismam ca—also Bhisma    Bg 11.34
  brahmisthah ca—fully spiritually advanced    SB 4.1.35
  brahmanan ca—and the brahmanas    SB 9.4.31-32
  bubhuksitah ca—and hungry at the same time    SB 9.4.43
  bahu-ksepam ca—striking the arms on the body    SB 10.11.8
  bala-grahah ca—and those attacking children    SB 10.6.27-29
  balam ca—the child also    SB 10.6.18
  ca ancati—glories.    SB 1.10.26
  ca ananya-bhavanam—and of the exclusive devotees    SB 1.7.25
  ca antike—near also    Bg 13.16
  ca anye—and others    Bg 17.4
  ca anye—also many others    SB 1.16.26-30
  ca anyesu—and to others    Madhya 22.74
  ca anya—anyone else.    Madhya 8.182
  ca api—moreover    SB 3.32.2
  ca api—as well as    SB 8.16.46
  ca api—also    SB 9.22.26
  ca asmi—I am also    Bg 10.31
  ca bhagavat-param—and a great devotee of the Lord.    SB 4.1.43
  ca sarma—and grace    Bg 11.25
  ca eva—also all of them    SB 3.11.25
  ca eva—and also    SB 3.20.44
  ca eva—also    SB 4.1.44
  ca eva—and    SB 9.10.45-46
  ca atmanah—also of herself    SB 4.23.21
  ca-sabda—the word ca    Madhya 24.171
  ca-i-marica—with black pepper and ca-i (a kind of spice)    Madhya 3.46
  ca-ida—being disturbed    Antya 1.144
  ca-kara—syllable ca    Madhya 24.152
  ca-kara—the word ca    Madhya 24.301
  ca-kare—in the use of the word ca    Madhya 24.145
  ca-kare—by the word ca    Madhya 24.149
  ca-karera—of the word ca    Madhya 24.66
  ca-karera—of the additions of the word ca    Madhya 24.298
  sakti-hrasam ca—and deterioration of natural power    SB 1.4.17-18
  salah ca—a son named Sala    SB 9.22.18-19
  sapantah ca—condemned    SB 10.12.7-11
  saran ca—and arrows    SB 9.1.23-24
  citrarathah ca—and Citraratha    SB 9.24.15
  srih ca—and the goddess of fortune    SB 8.16.37
  sucim ca—and Suci    SB 4.1.60
  susrusanam ca—and it is the way of serving    SB 8.21.13
  surasenan ca—and the place known as Surasena    SB 10.1.27
  daityanam ca—and of the demons    SB 10.1.64
  daityah ca—as well as the demons    Adi 5.39
  damah ca—and controlling the mind    Bg 16.1-3
  dandasukah ca—and animals whose bites are poisonous    SB 8.7.46
  deha-yoga-viyogau ca—and this causes connections and separations among different bodies    SB 10.4.20
  dinan ca—helpless    SB 10.12.27
  devahutyam ca—and from the womb of Devahuti    SB 8.1.5
  devah ca—and all the demigods from the heavenly planets    SB 10.11.44
  dhanistha mulam ca—and the stars named Dhanistha and Mula    SB 5.23.6
  dhanuh ca—and the bow    SB 8.20.30
  dhruvam ca—as well as the planet known as Dhruvaloka    SB 5.22.1
  dhruvah ca—Dhruva also    SB 4.9.48
  dhvajah ca—a flag also    SB 8.15.5
  dhyayantah ca—always meditating upon    SB 4.24.70
  dronam ca—also Drona    Bg 11.34
  druhyoh ca—of Druhyu, the third son of Yayati    SB 9.23.14
  durbhagan ca—also the unlucky    SB 1.4.17-18
  dvaram ca—as well as the gateway    SB 8.5.36
  dvarah ca—as well as the doors    SB 10.3.48-49
  dyauh ca—the luminaries    SB 8.20.25-29
  dyauh ca—and outer space    SB 10.6.12
  dyam ca—in heaven also    SB 10.2.38
  drstih ca—and sight    SB 9.14.20
  ihitam ca—and the different activities or endeavors    SB 8.12.11
  eva ca—as also    SB 3.3.11
  eva ca—respectively    SB 3.12.44
  gajam ca—as well as his elephant    SB 8.11.14
  ghranam ca—and his sense of smell    SB 9.4.18-20
  girisah ca—also Siva    SB 3.9.16
  gopih ca—and to the ladies    SB 10.7.9
  gopyah ca—and all the damsels of the cowherd men    SB 10.8.42
  gopyah ca—and their respective wives    SB 10.11.54
  gunebhyah ca—from the modes of nature    Bg 14.19
  grnantah ca—always chanting    SB 4.24.70
  grhitam ca—also accepted    SB 1.4.28-29
  gam ca anaya—also, at the same time, bring the cows    Madhya 24.223
  gah ca—cows and persons engaged in protecting cows    SB 10.4.40
  gavah ca—and the cows    SB 10.4.41
  hareh ca—of Lord Visnu    SB 4.7.13
  hasantah ca punah daduh—when they saw the proprietor, they threw it farther away and enjoyed laughing, and when the owner sometimes cried, his bag was given to him again.    SB 10.12.5
  hayah ca—horses also    SB 8.15.5
  hinah ca—and bereft of    SB 1.13.32
  hasayantah ca—and making others laugh    SB 10.13.10
  idam ca—also this    SB 1.4.27
  itare ca—other senses also    SB 1.15.41
  jagat ca yah—and who is everything in creation in total    SB 10.9.13-14
  japantah ca—chanting also    SB 4.24.15
  japah ca—the chanting mantra in this connection    SB 4.8.53
  jayadratham ca—also Jayadratha    Bg 11.34
  jayantah srutadevah ca puspadantah atha satvatah—Jayanta, Srutadeva, Puspadanta and Satvata    SB 8.21.16-17
  jayah vijayah prabalah balah kumudah kumudaksah ca visvaksenah—as well as Jaya, Vijaya, Prabala, Bala, Kumada, Kumudaksa and Visvaksena    SB 8.21.16-17
  jnaninam ca—and of the jnanis, who try to be free from material contamination    SB 10.9.21
  jnatibhih ca—and by his family members or relatives    SB 8.22.29-30
  jata-kampam ca—as they were very nicely moving and quivering    SB 10.9.3
  kabarim ca—and the hair on the head    SB 8.12.21
  kanyam ca—and one daughter named Subhadra    SB 10.1.56
  kanyah ca—daughters also    SB 4.1.1
  kanyah ca—and unmarried girls    SB 4.21.4
  karanam ca—and instruments    Bg 18.13-14
  karma-arjitah ca—whatever he achieved by his pious activities    SB 8.22.22
  kasya ca—and (the pleasure) of Brahma    SB 10.13.18
  kathayantah ca—talking also    Bg 10.9
  kavacam ca—and armor    SB 8.15.6
  kavih ca—of the name Kavi    SB 4.1.45
  keyurabhyam ca bhusitam—decorated with all kinds of ornaments    SB 8.6.3-7
  kham ca—outer space also    SB 1.7.30
  kham ca—the sky also    SB 8.19.34
  khyatah ca—this is already known    SB 10.8.7
  kim ca—and everything    SB 2.6.43-45
  kim ca—also    SB 9.9.5
  ksanam ca—even for a moment    SB 9.9.32
  ksatravrddhah ca—and Ksatravrddha    SB 9.17.1-3
  kotisah ca—and in millions    SB 5.11.11
  kratavah ca—as well as sacrifices    SB 10.4.41
  kumarah ca—also Lord Karttikeya    SB 8.23.26-27
  kva ca—sometimes even    SB 5.6.18
  kva ca—somewhere    SB 7.9.40
  kva ca—sometimes, during dissolution    SB 8.3.4
  kva ca—whatever it may be    SB 8.9.12
  kvacit ca—sometimes also    SB 4.25.57-61
  krsna-aramah ca—one who takes pleasure in Krsna    Madhya 24.228
  krsnam ca—and the quality of darkness    SB 10.3.20
  krsnam ca—and Krsna    SB 10.7.30
  krtam ca—reaction    SB 1.7.5
  kamam ca—and his desires    SB 9.4.18-20
  kan ca—and many others    SB 3.3.11
  latah ca—and the creepers    Antya 1.159
  madhyatah ca—also in the middle (the duration between the beginning and end)    SB 7.9.30
  mahabhojah ca—as well as Mahabhoja    SB 9.24.6-8
  manah ca—and the mind    SB 2.1.34
  manoh ca—as also of the pilgrimage site named Manu    SB 3.1.22
  matam ca—and the opinion    SB 1.7.32
  mayah ca—and Maya    SB 8.10.19-24
  misram ca—or mixture    Bg 18.12
  moksam ca—and liberation    Bg 18.30
  munayah ca—all saintly persons    Madhya 24.152
  munayah ca—the word munayah with the word ca added    Madhya 24.301
  mam ca—Me also    SB 7.10.14
  mam ca—unto Me also    SB 8.22.24
  na asitam ca—as well as not eating    SB 9.4.39-40
  na ca—and not    SB 4.2.9
  na ca—and also not    SB 6.3.27
  na ca vyathe—nor am I suffering very much.    SB 8.22.6-7
  nabhagam ca—and Nabhaga    SB 9.1.11-12
  nadyah ca—and rivers    SB 5.20.3-4
  nadyah ca—and the rivers also    SB 5.20.26
  nadah ca—and the tributaries    SB 1.14.18
  nagah ca—and the mountains.    SB 8.18.4
  naktam ca—and a night    SB 5.22.5
  namasyantah ca—offering obeisances    Bg 9.14
  nanda-adayah ca—and the men, headed by Nanda Maharaja    SB 10.7.8
  naram ca eva—and Narayana Rsi    SB 1.2.4
  narah ca—and Nara    SB 6.8.16
  navanitaih ca—and with butter    SB 10.5.14
  nispaditah ca—also the order is properly carried out    SB 4.22.43
  nirdasan ca—and those who are just over ten days old    SB 10.4.31
  nityam ca—also    Bg 13.8-12
  niveditam ca—have been offered to You    SB 8.22.22
  nrtya-vaditra-gitaih ca—by dancing, playing various musical instruments, and singing songs    SB 8.21.6-7
  nrtyantah ca—and dancing with    SB 10.12.7-11
  nagah ca—the inhabitants of Nagaloka    SB 8.8.16
  dakinyah yatudhanyah ca kusmandah—witches and devils, enemies of children    SB 10.6.27-29
  param ca—and transcendental    Bg 11.38
  param ca api—or another    SB 10.7.23
  pariksih sudhanuh jahnuh nisadhah ca—Pariksi, Sudhanu, Jahnu and Nisadha    SB 9.22.4-5
  paritosam ca—and satisfaction    SB 7.13.35
  paulomah kalakeyah ca—the Paulomas and Kalakeyas    SB 6.6.33-36
  pavamanam ca—and Pavamana    SB 4.1.60
  plavantah ca—gliding over    SB 10.12.7-11
  prabhavah ca—influence also    Bg 13.4
  prakrteh ca—as well as of the officers and ministers    SB 6.14.52
  prakasam ca—and illumination    Bg 14.22-25
  prakasah ca—illumination also    SB 9.5.7
  pramanam ca—also their measurement    SB 3.7.26
  prasenah ca—Prasena also    SB 9.24.13
  pravrttim ca—and attachment    Bg 14.22-25
  pracyakan ca—on the eastern side (of India)    SB 9.23.6
  pulomam kalakam ca—Puloma and Kalaka    SB 6.6.33-36
  punah ca—and again    Bg 11.39
  punah ca—again    SB 5.13.19
  puram ca—and the body, society, nation, family or place of nativity    SB 5.11.9
  puranam ca—and the Puranas    SB 1.4.20
  pujayantah ca—worshiping also    SB 4.24.15
  purnimanam ca—and of the name Purnima    SB 4.1.13
  purvena ca—and on the eastern side    SB 5.16.10
  prsadhram ca—and Prsadhra    SB 9.1.11-12
  prsadhrah ca—and Prsadhra    SB 8.13.2-3
  palan ca—and their caretakers, the cowherd boys    SB 10.13.17
  rajah tamah ca—by representing the modes of passion and ignorance    SB 7.9.37
  ramamanah ca—enjoyed life and increased their affection for Krsna    SB 10.11.58
  ramyake ca—also in Ramyaka-varsa    SB 5.18.24
  rantidevah ca—and a son named Rantideva    SB 9.21.2
  romapadam ca—Romapada also    SB 9.24.1
  rajanyah ca—and the ksatriya    SB 7.11.18-20
  ramam ca—as well as Balarama    SB 10.11.12
  ramah krsnah ca—both Rama and Krsna    SB 10.8.26
  saha-godhanah ca—with the cows and calves    SB 10.8.42
  sankarsanaya ca—also to Lord Sankarsana    Madhya 20.338
  sanat-kumarah ca—and the four Kumaras (Sanaka, Sanatana, Sanat-kumara and Sananda)    SB 9.4.57-59
  sarva-upakaranani ca—then all sorts of necessities and whatever belongings they had    SB 10.11.31-32
  sarvan ca—and anyone else    SB 10.1.67
  sattvam ca—the existential position in the core of the heart    SB 10.7.1-2
  sattvam ca—and the mode of goodness    Madhya 20.270
  satyam ca—and truthfulness    SB 7.11.22
  sah ca—he also    SB 5.9.9-10
  smrtam ca—and the scriptures    SB 7.11.7
  smarayah ca—and reminding    Madhya 25.140
  stavaih ca—and by offering prayers    SB 10.12.34
  strinam ca—and of women    SB 8.9.10
  striyah ca—other ladies    SB 1.8.45
  sudhirah ca—as well as Sudhira    SB 9.23.3-4
  susenam ca—and Susena    SB 9.24.53-55
  surocih ca—and Suroci    SB 4.1.41
  sva-ganan ca—and his associates    SB 8.12.22
  sva-janaya ca—and for maintaining oneís family members    SB 8.19.37
  svayam ca—and personally    SB 5.19.2
  svam ca—his own    SB 9.1.38-39
  svanam ca—of His own relatives, the gopis and other intimate friends    SB 10.11.8
  suryah ca—and the sun globe    SB 8.7.27
  sayam ca—and in the evening    SB 9.4.12
  taijasah ca—another is called taijasa    Madhya 20.312
  tam ca—Krsna also    SB 10.9.7
  tamah ca—and the mode of ignorance    SB 8.7.31
  tarusah ca—and Tarusa    SB 8.13.2-3
  tat ca—that also    SB 9.21.10
  tat ca api—that also    Madhya 24.157
  tat-bandhunam ca—as well as relatives of forefathers    SB 7.14.19
  tat-matrnam ca—of the mothers of the cowherd boys and calves    SB 10.13.18
  tat-atma-jah ca—and his children like Priyavrata, Uttanapada, Devahuti, etc.    SB 2.7.43-45
  tatah ca—and from him (Jarasandha)    SB 9.22.9
  tatha ca—similarly (just as Lord Siva worships Sankarsana in Ilavrta-varsa)    SB 5.18.1
  tatratyah ca—those who were in that place also    SB 10.12.5
  tesam ca—and by them    SB 1.13.7
  tirohitah ca—and not manifested    SB 5.11.12
  turvasoh ca—of Turvasu, the second son of Maharaja Yayati    SB 9.23.16
  tvam ca—Your Lordship also    SB 7.10.6
  tvam ca—your good self also    SB 9.22.34
  tamasah ca—as well as tamasa    Madhya 20.312
  upadevah ca—and Upadeva    SB 9.24.16-18
  upanisadbhih ca—and by studying the Vedic knowledge of the Upanisads    SB 10.8.45
  upavitam ca—and a sacred thread    SB 7.12.4
  upavisantah ca—sitting silently like them    SB 10.12.7-11
  upayaih ca—by similar other attempts    SB 8.21.22
  utpatah ca—many disturbances    SB 10.5.31
  uttamah ca—also Uttama    SB 4.9.48
  vamsa-anucaritani ca—and their dynasties and characteristics    SB 9.1.4
  vadhah ca—and killing    SB 7.9.29
  vaikunthah ca—Lord Visnu also    SB 8.7.45
  vaimanikah ca—human beings who can travel everywhere in outer space by airplane    SB 8.23.26-27
  varahah ca—and forest boars    SB 8.10.47
  vasudevam ca—and her husband, Vasudeva    SB 10.1.65-66
  vasudevam ca—and Vasudeva    SB 10.4.14
  vasudevam ca—and his brother-in-law Vasudeva    SB 10.4.24
  vasudevah ca—Vasudeva also    SB 10.4.25
  vayam ca—and us    SB 9.10.28
  vayam ca—both of us    SB 10.5.31
  vedyam ca—and the knowable    Bg 11.38
  vedah ca—and the Vedic knowledge    SB 10.4.41
  vibhavam ca—and opulences    SB 9.4.15-16
  visvagam ca—and named Visvaga    SB 4.1.14
  vidyadharyah ca—and the Vidyadharis, another group of inhabitants of the heavenly planets    SB 10.3.6
  vikurvantah ca—exactly imitating them    SB 10.12.7-11
  vimalah ca—and Vimala    SB 9.1.41
  viraktah ca—completely renounced order of life    SB 4.8.61
  vividhah ca—varieties    Bg 18.13-14
  vratanam ca—and of all vows    SB 8.23.22-23
  vrddhah ca—grown up    SB 4.8.18
  vadya-dharah ca—those who played on musical drums    SB 10.12.34
  vamanatvat ca—and because of being a dwarf    SB 10.3.42
  yajnah ca—and performance of sacrifice    Bg 16.1-3
  yamuna-pulinani ca—and the banks of the River Yamuna    SB 10.11.36
  yat ca—whatever    SB 5.13.11
  yatantah ca—fully endeavoring also    Bg 9.14
  yah ca—whatever    SB 1.5.33
  yah ca—and one who is    SB 3.7.17
  yah ca asmi—as I am    Bg 18.55
  yah ca iha—whatsoever else    SB 1.2.10
  yogam ca—also mystic power    Bg 10.7
  rsayah ca—and the seven sages    SB 8.13.28
  rsin ca—and the great sages    SB 8.20.25-29
  rtvigbhyah ca—and to the priests engaged by the spiritual master    SB 8.16.55
  adayah ca—and the bachelors (Sanat-kumara and his brothers)    SB 2.6.43-45
  arohantah ca—gliding over    SB 10.12.7-11
  arat ca—to a distant place    SB 10.12.5
  atma-viharaih ca—enjoying Himself by Himself in different ways    SB 10.13.20
  atmanam ca—also themselves    SB 8.6.2
  atmaramas ca—known as such    Madhya 6.194
  atmaramah ca—all those who enjoy in the self    Madhya 24.152
  atmaramah ca—similarly the word atmaramah with the word ca added    Madhya 24.301
  atmaramah ca api—self-realized persons also    Madhya 24.146
  ayuh ca—and the duration of life    SB 9.10.32