Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: budhah

  budhah—a learned person    SB 4.11.32, SB 4.20.6, SB 4.20.23
  budhah—an intelligent person.    SB 4.18.2, SB 6.8.8-10, SB 7.13.34
  budhah—Mercury    SB 5.22.13, SB 5.23.7
  budhah—one who is wise    Madhya 20.119, Madhya 24.137, Madhya 25.138
  budhah—the learned.    SB 3.4.23, SB 6.4.12
  budhah—the intelligent.    Bg 5.22
  budhah—one who has understood the Lord    SB 1.10.11-12
  budhah—thoroughly experienced    SB 1.15.37
  budhah—very learned    SB 3.1.32
  budhah—learned    SB 3.7.1
  budhah—wise man    SB 3.22.18
  budhah—one who is intelligent.    SB 4.8.29
  budhah—one who is learned    SB 4.8.54
  budhah—if one is learned.    SB 5.6.5
  budhah—intelligent person    SB 6.18.75
  budhah—the intelligent person.    SB 7.14.7
  budhah—a learned yogi.    SB 7.15.32-33
  budhah—Budha, the son of the moon and predominating deity of the planet known as Budha, or Mercury.    SB 9.1.34
  budhah—named Budha    SB 9.2.30
  budhah—Budha    SB 9.14.14
  budhah—one who is actually learned    Madhya 24.98
  budhah—those who know.    Bg 4.19
  budhah—learned    Bg 10.8
  budhah—the intelligent class of men    SB 4.18.13
  budhah—learned scholars    SB 6.13.22-23
  budhah—those who are spiritually advanced    SB 7.7.37
  budhah—those who are learned    Madhya 24.189
  budhah—O learned devotees    Antya 1.139

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: budhah

  maha-budhah—Prahlada Maharaja, who was highly learned and advanced in spiritual consciousness (maha means “great,” and budha means “learned”)    SB 7.5.55