Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: buddhih

  buddhih—intelligence    Bg 2.39, Bg 2.41, Bg 2.53, Bg 2.65, Bg 3.1, Bg 3.42, Bg 7.4, Bg 7.10, Bg 10.4-5, Bg 13.6-7 (and more...)
  buddhih—the intelligence    Bg 3.40, SB 6.5.14, SB 7.5.6, SB 7.5.50, Adi 2.55
  buddhih—his intelligence    SB 6.13.16, SB 8.4.10
  buddhih—intelligence    Bg 5.27-28
  buddhih—devotional service of the Lord    Bg 2.44
  buddhih—transcendental service with intelligence    Bg 2.52
  buddhih—transcendental intelligence    Bg 2.66
  buddhih—intellect    Bg 8.7
  buddhih—intelligent    Bg 12.13-14
  buddhih—understanding    Bg 18.30
  buddhih—Buddhi    SB 4.1.49-52
  buddhih—sharpness of intelligence    SB 5.19.7
  buddhih—whose intelligence    SB 5.26.38

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: buddhih

  andha-buddhih—who are illusioned and have become blind to spiritual knowledge    SB 5.10.20
  artha-buddhih—being self-interested    SB 6.18.71
  asakta-buddhih—unattached intelligence    Bg 18.49
  ati-krpana-buddhih—whose intelligence is dull because he does not properly utilize his assets    SB 5.14.31
  bheda-buddhih—sense of differentiation    SB 4.24.61
  buddhih manah—the intelligence and mind    SB 8.3.22-24
  sraddha, maitri, daya, santih, tustih, pustih, kriya, unnatih, b—names of thirteen daughters of Daksa    SB 4.1.49-52
  labdha-buddhih—having awakened intelligence    Madhya 22.16
  manah-buddhih—mind and intelligence    Madhya 23.106-107
  pasu-buddhih—the animalistic conception of life (“I am the Supreme, and everyone is God”)    SB 7.5.12
  sama-buddhih—having equal intelligence    Bg 6.9
  sthira-buddhih—self-intelligent    Bg 5.20
  vidya-buddhih—materialistic education and intelligence    SB 4.2.24
  vyavasaya-buddhih—intelligently fixed    SB 2.2.3
  atma-buddhih—who considers these material things the atma, or self    SB 5.13.4
  atma-devata-buddhih—accepting as the self or the demigods    SB 7.11.8-12
  atma-para-buddhih—the conception of one’s own and another’s    SB 7.9.31