Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: brhat

  bṛhat—great    SB 2.2.28, SB 4.29.49, SB 7.15.41, Adi 17.90
  bṛhat—highly    SB 1.18.46
  bṛhat—complete abstinence from sex life    SB 3.12.42
  bṛhat—large    SB 3.15.20
  bṛhat—full grown    SB 3.20.36
  bṛhat—big    SB 5.12.10
  bṛhat—very big    SB 5.20.29
  bṛhat—greater than the greatest    SB 7.3.32
  bṛhat—the Supreme Brahman    SB 9.4.37
  bṛhat—Vedic knowledge.    SB 9.16.25
  bṛhat—very, very big    SB 10.6.5-6
  bṛhat tat—that ultimate cause.    SB 6.4.32
  bṛhat vanam—the great forest    SB 10.5.26
  bṛhat vapuḥ—a very, very large body    SB 10.12.16
  bṛhat-balam—very powerful    SB 4.29.7
  bṛhat-bāhuḥ—the mighty-armed    SB 4.10.6
  bṛhat-calat-śroṇī-bhara-ākrānta-gatiḥ—being overburdened by the weight of her large breasts, she became tired and had to reduce her speed    SB 10.9.10
  bṛhat-ślokena—decorated with all the high qualities described by poets    SB 5.4.2
  bṛhat-śravāḥ—greatly respected    SB 1.5.1
  bṛhat-śravāḥ—highly famous.    SB 1.17.43-44
  bṛhat-śravāḥ—of wide fame    SB 3.17.28
  bṛhat-śravāḥ—whose activities were great    SB 4.25.10
  bṛhat-śroṇiḥ—thick waist    SB 4.21.16
  bṛhat-kapāṭa—and on great doors    SB 10.3.48-49
  bṛhat-sāma—the Bṛhat-sāma    Bg 10.35
  bṛhat-vadhāt—due to killing a brāhmaṇa.    SB 6.13.4
  bṛhat-vastu—the substance, which is greater than the greatest    Adi 7.138
  bṛhat-vastu—the greatest    Madhya 6.139
  bṛhat-vratam—avowed brahmacārī    SB 4.27.21
  bṛhat-vrataḥ—invariably observing the vow of celibacy    SB 7.12.7
  bṛhat-vratāḥ—have taken the vow of celibacy.    SB 7.12.12
  bṛhat-vratāḥ—all of them absolutely brahmacārī    SB 8.21.1
  sarva-bṛhat-tama—summum bonum among the relative truths    Madhya 24.71

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