Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: brahmani

  brahmani—in the Supreme    Bg 5.19, SB 1.13.55, SB 3.24.43, SB 4.31.3
  brahmani—in the Absolute    SB 1.5.7, SB 4.28.42, SB 4.31.17
  brahmani—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Bg 5.10, SB 4.22.26
  brahmani—the Supreme Brahman    SB 4.7.52, SB 6.10.11
  brahmani—the Supreme Lord    SB 5.7.6, SB 9.19.25
  brahmani—wife of a brahmana    Adi 17.243, Antya 3.16
  brahmani—in the Transcendence    Bg 5.20
  brahmani—the Supreme    SB 1.5.27
  brahmani—unto the great    SB 1.5.32
  brahmani—into the Supreme Absolute    SB 1.9.44
  brahmani—unto the spirit    SB 1.15.42
  brahmani—unto a brahmana    SB 1.19.1
  brahmani—Vedic literature    SB 2.4.10
  brahmani—in the spiritual sky    SB 2.4.14
  brahmani—in Brahman    SB 3.33.26
  brahmani—in one who is transcendentally situated    SB 4.4.20
  brahmani—in the impersonal Brahman    SB 4.9.10
  brahmani—transcendence    SB 4.22.21
  brahmani—in the Supreme Lord    SB 4.22.25
  brahmani—in the Absolute Truth    SB 4.22.51
  brahmani—the origin of impersonal Brahman    SB 4.23.10
  brahmani—in spiritual realization    SB 4.28.38
  brahmani—into impersonal Brahman, which is worshiped by impersonalist jnanis    SB 5.7.7
  brahmani—unto Parabrahman, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vasudeva    SB 5.15.7
  brahmani—spiritual entity    SB 5.16.3
  brahmani—which is Parabrahman (not idol worship)    SB 6.2.41
  brahmani—absolute    SB 7.5.41
  brahmani—in the Supreme Brahman    SB 7.15.64
  brahmani—unto Brahman    SB 9.5.25
  brahmani—upon the Supreme Absolute Truth    SB 9.19.19
  brahmani—who are Parabrahman, the Supreme Brahman    SB 10.3.19
  brahmani—the wife of the brahmana    SB 9.9.34
  brahmani—and their wives    Adi 14.20
  brahmani—wife    Madhya 9.297
  brahmani—the pleasure derived from impersonal Brahman understanding    Adi 7.98
  brahmani—the pleasure derived from impersonal Brahman understanding    Madhya 24.37
  brahmani—derived from understanding of impersonal Brahman    Antya 3.197

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: brahmani

  brahmana-brahmani-gane—the brahmanas and their wives    Madhya 4.84
  brahmani-sapam—the curse given by the brahmani    SB 9.9.37
  sabda-brahmani—in the Vedic literature    SB 4.29.45
  srivasera brahmani—the wife of Srivasa Thakura    Adi 13.110
  svara-brahmani—in spiritual sound    SB 6.5.22
  tanhara brahmani—his wife    Madhya 7.52
  yajnika-brahmani—the wives of the brahmanas who were engaged in performing great sacrifices    Madhya 12.32