Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: brahmana

  brahmana—by Lord Brahma    SB 2.8.1, SB 3.21.6, SB 4.1.17, SB 4.18.6, SB 6.6.42, SB 6.7.26, SB 8.11.43, SB 8.23.24, SB 9.14.3
  brahmana—the brahmanas    Bg 18.41, Adi 14.18, Adi 14.20, Madhya 8.25, Madhya 9.303, Madhya 17.169, Madhya 17.225
  brahmana—brahmanas    Madhya 1.197, Madhya 5.10, Madhya 8.15, Madhya 17.58, Madhya 18.133, Antya 3.174, Antya 4.215
  brahmana—brahmana    Adi 10.145, Madhya 7.39, Madhya 17.179, Madhya 18.4, Madhya 18.129
  brahmana—by Brahma    SB 3.14.7, SB 4.3.2
  brahmana—brahmana.    Madhya 3.86, Antya 6.165
  brahmana—along with Lord Brahma    SB 4.7.16
  brahmana—along with Lord Brahma (after reaching Brahmaloka)    SB 6.1.1
  brahmana—and what is the fear from Brahma    SB 10.4.36
  brahmana—of the brahmanas    SB 5.6.16
  brahmana—the respectful brahmanas    Adi 13.104
  brahmana—the pandita, Kesava Kasmiri    Adi 16.36
  brahmana—of a brahmana    Adi 17.111
  brahmana—a caste brahmana    Adi 17.255
  brahmana—one brahmana    Madhya 1.174
  brahmana—brahmana priests    Madhya 4.55
  brahmana—persons born in brahmana families    Madhya 4.103
  brahmana—the priest    Madhya 4.116
  brahmana—O My dear brahmana    Madhya 5.97
  brahmana—the young brahmana    Madhya 5.101
  brahmana—brahmana assistant    Madhya 9.229
  brahmana—brahmanas.    Madhya 15.262
  brahmana—belonging to the brahmana community    Madhya 19.254
  brahmana—so-called brahmana    Antya 3.205
  brahmana—by the spirit soul    Bg 4.24
  brahmana—brahmana    Adi 14.84

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: brahmana

  maharastriya brahmana—the Maharastrian brahmana    Madhya 25.59, Madhya 25.179
  bhojya-anna-brahmana—a brahmana whose food can be accepted    Madhya 17.12
  brahma-brahmana-yajna-purusa-loka-vidusakah—blasphemous toward the Vedas, the strict brahmanas, ritualistic ceremonies such as sacrifice, and toward the Supreme Personality of Godhead and the devotees    SB 5.6.10
  brahmana adistau—ordered by Lord Brahma (who is known as Pitamaha, the father of the Prajapatis)    SB 10.3.33
  brahmana dandite—to give trouble to a brahmana.    Madhya 3.85
  brahmana sat-jana—gentlemen and brahmanas    Madhya 18.130
  brahmana-atikrame—in surpassing the rules of respect to the brahmanas    SB 9.4.39-40
  brahmana-bhrtya-thani—from the brahmana and the servant    Antya 6.270
  brahmana-brahmani-gane—the brahmanas and their wives    Madhya 4.84
  brahmana-devasya—of Lord Ramacandra, who loved the brahmanas so much    SB 9.11.5
  brahmana-devesu—through the brahmanas and the demigods    SB 7.14.18
  brahmana-dayada—O son of a brahmana    SB 8.19.18
  brahmana-ganera—of the ritualistic brahmanas    Madhya 8.25
  brahmana-gatim—the position of brahmanas    SB 9.21.19-20
  brahmana-ghare—to the house of a brahmana    Antya 16.19
  brahmana-hrdaya—heart of a brahmana    Madhya 15.274
  brahmana-jati—born in a brahmana family    Madhya 1.193
  brahmana-kulam—association with brahmanas    SB 7.14.27-28
  brahmana-kulasya—to the brahmanas of the universe.    SB 5.22.15
  brahmana-kulat—brahmanas and saintly persons    SB 4.21.12
  brahmana-kumare—the son of the brahmana    Antya 3.6
  brahmana-murtina—having the body of a brahmana.    Madhya 6.182
  brahmana-patnira—of the wife of a brahmana    Adi 16.65
  brahmana-pramukhan—unto the leaders of the brahmana community    SB 4.17.2
  brahmana-pada—feet of the brahmanas    SB 1.19.13
  brahmana-sadane—in the house of a brahmana.    Antya 13.47
  brahmana-sahite—with a brahmana.    Madhya 9.178
  brahmana-sakala—all the brahmanas of that village    Madhya 19.110
  brahmana-samaja—assembly of brahmanas    Madhya 9.39
  brahmana-samaja—the community of brahmanas    Madhya 9.305
  brahmana-sat-jana—all respectable brahmanas.    Adi 17.42
  brahmana-sat-jana—brahmanas and other gentlemen    Antya 6.54
  brahmana-sevaya—by rendering service to a brahmana    Madhya 5.24
  brahmana-vaisnava—Vaisnavas coming from brahmana families    Antya 16.10
  brahmana-vaisnave—to the brahmanas and Vaisnavas    Madhya 19.7
  brahmana-adayah—brahmanas, ksatriyas and vaisyas    SB 5.26.24
  brahmana-adi—brahmanas and others    Madhya 8.41
  daridra-brahmana—of a poor brahmana    Madhya 3.82
  dui brahmana—two brahmanas to cook    Madhya 16.229
  eka brahmana—one brahmana    Antya 6.259
  go-brahmana—for cows and brahmanas    Madhya 13.77
  go-brahmana-arthe—for the sake of cow protection and brahminical culture    SB 8.19.43
  go-brahmana-vaisnave—to the cows, brahmanas and Vaisnavas    Madhya 16.189
  grhastha-brahmana—a householder brahmana    Madhya 12.191
  kataka brahmana—some of the brahmanas    Madhya 9.92
  koti-brahmana-bhojana—feeding ten million brahmanas    Antya 3.222
  krsnadasa brahmana—a brahmana servant named Krsnadasa    Madhya 9.226
  maharastriya brahmana—the brahmana of Maharastra province    Madhya 25.160
  murari brahmana—the brahmana named Murari    Madhya 10.45
  mathura brahmana—a brahmana from Mathura    Madhya 18.169
  sannyasi brahmana—sannyasis and brahmanas    Antya 9.40
  sei ta brahmana—indeed that brahmana    Madhya 17.219
  seita brahmana—that Sanodiya brahmana    Madhya 18.158
  udiya-brahmana-kumara—young son of a brahmana from Orissa    Antya 3.3
  uttama brahmana—a high-class brahmana    Madhya 17.11
  vaidika brahmana—a Vedic brahmana    Madhya 7.121
  vaisnava brahmana—a brahmana following Vaisnava principles    Madhya 8.48
  vaisnava-brahmana—Vaisnava brahmanas    Madhya 9.91
  vrddha brahmana—elderly brahmana    Madhya 17.165