Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: brahmacari

  brahmacari—Nrsimhananda Brahmacari    Antya 2.51, Antya 2.73
  brahmacari—a brahmacari, a student living at the residence of the guru    SB 7.12.1
  brahmacari—whether one is a brahmacari    SB 7.12.16
  brahmacari—observance of celibacy    SB 8.16.44-45
  brahmacari—acted as a brahmacari.    Adi 10.146
  brahmacari—in a stage of complete celibacy    Madhya 7.25
  brahmacari—Nakula Brahmacari.    Antya 2.28

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: brahmacari

  pradyumna brahmacari—of the name Pradyumna Brahmacari    Adi 10.35, Adi 10.58
  brahmacari bale—Nakula Brahmacari said    Antya 2.30
  brahmacari haridasa—of the name Haridasa Brahmacari    Adi 12.62
  brahmacari kahe—Nakula Brahmacari said    Antya 2.27
  brahmacari kasisvara—of the name Brahmacari Kasisvara    Adi 10.138
  brahmacari-vrate—in the vow of celibacy    Bg 6.13-14
  sridhara brahmacari—of the name Sridhara Brahmacari    Adi 12.80
  suklambara-brahmacari—of the name Suklambara Brahmacari    Adi 10.38
  haridasa brahmacari—of the name Haridasa Brahmacari.    Adi 12.80
  krsnadasa brahmacari—of the name Krsnadasa Brahmacari    Adi 12.85
  nakula brahmacari—of the name Nakula Brahmacari    Adi 10.57
  nakula-brahmacari—a person known as Nakula Brahmacari    Antya 2.16
  pradyumna brahmacari—Pradyumna Brahmacari    Antya 2.53
  purusottama brahmacari—of the name Purusottama Brahmacari    Adi 12.62
  vaninatha brahmacari—of the name Vaninatha Brahmacari    Adi 12.83