Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bijam

  bījam—seed    Bg 7.10, Bg 9.18, SB 1.3.5, SB 2.1.17
  bījam—the seed    Bg 10.39, SB 3.33.2, SB 7.11.33-34
  bījam—another seed    SB 6.15.7
  bījam—the cause of the lotus    SB 7.9.34
  bījam—the seed that has already fructified.    SB 7.9.34
  bījam—the source    Madhya 23.79-81
  bījām—seed.    SB 9.10.6-7
  adagdha-bījam—in which the seeds are not burned    SB 5.14.4
  śata-eka-bījam—the root cause of hundreds    SB 3.9.2
  karma-bījam—seed of worldly activities    SB 3.8.33
  santāna-bījam—the only seed left, the last descendant of the family    SB 10.1.5-7
  yathā-bījam—exactly like the father    SB 6.1.54

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