Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhuvana

  bhuvana—the world.    Adi 3.19, Adi 9.33, Antya 16.146
  bhuvana—the whole world.    Adi 11.6, Madhya 1.271
  bhuvana—universal    SB 3.8.29
  bhuvana—of the planets    SB 3.15.26
  bhuvana—all the world.    Adi 5.148
  bhuvana—the universe.    Adi 6.94
  bhuvana—worlds    Adi 13.93
  bhuvana—planetary systems    Madhya 20.288
  bhuvana—the entire universe.    Antya 11.70

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhuvana

  tri-bhuvana—the three worlds    SB 4.8.37, Adi 4.244, Adi 8.42, Adi 13.92, Madhya 6.230, Madhya 21.102, Madhya 24.20, Antya 20.41
  tri-bhuvana—all the three worlds    Adi 4.239, Adi 10.107, Adi 13.5, Adi 13.32
  bhuvana-trayam—the three worlds    SB 6.9.13-17, SB 6.9.44, SB 7.1.36
  tri-bhuvana—of the three worlds    SB 5.1.20, SB 6.4.35-39
  tri-bhuvana—the whole world    Madhya 2.88, Madhya 5.76
  tri-bhuvana—within the three worlds    Madhya 2.61, Madhya 23.31
  bharila bhuvana—filled the universe.    Antya 6.86
  bhuvana-drumäya—unto the tree of the planetary system.    SB 3.9.16
  bhuvana-éçvara—O master of the whole universe    SB 9.11.6
  bhuvana-koça—of all the worlds    SB 3.28.25
  bhuvana-maìgala—O You who are all-auspicious for all the universes    SB 3.9.4
  bhuvana-maìgala—they are all-auspicious for all the universes    Antya 5.124-125
  bhuvana-maìgala—O most auspicious of the entire world    Madhya 25.38
  bhuvana-päliné—who maintains the world    SB 4.15.3
  bhuvana-pävana—deliverer of the whole universe.    Madhya 11.86
  bhuvana-pävaném—mother Ganges, who can deliver the whole universe    SB 9.9.10
  bhuvana-sundara—O most beautiful in the whole creation    Madhya 24.52
  bhuvana-traya—throughout the three worlds    SB 8.15.35
  bhuvana-trayam—the three worlds (Svarga, Martya and Pätäla)    SB 9.14.4
  bhäsila bhuvana—inundated the entire world.    Antya 7.75
  caudda bhuvana—fourteen planetary systems    Madhya 1.267
  caudda-bhuvana—the fourteen worlds    Adi 5.103
  caudda-bhuvana—fourteen worlds    Adi 5.98
  he bhuvana-eka-bandho—O only friend of the universe    Madhya 2.65
  tri-bhuvana—three statuses of planetary systems    SB 1.9.33
  tri-bhuvana—all three worlds    Adi 4.242-243
  tri-bhuvana—all the world.    Madhya 8.280
  tri-bhuvana—in the three worlds.    Adi 3.33
  tri-bhuvana bhari—filling the three worlds    Madhya 13.50
  tri-bhuvana näce—the three worlds dance    Antya 3.267
  tri-bhuvana-adhéçäù—the controllers of the three worlds (demigods like Brahmä and Çiva)    SB 9.21.15
  tri-bhuvana-éçvara—O master of the three worlds.    SB 7.3.12
  tri-bhuvana-éçvaraiù—by the demigods, the protectors of the three worlds (who can do whatever they like within this material world)    SB 9.9.45
  tri-bhuvana-éçvaraù—the Lord of the universe    SB 9.11.25
  tri-bhuvana-madhye—within the three worlds    Madhya 8.199
  tri-bhuvana-ätma-bhavana—O Lord, You are the shelter of the three worlds because You are the Supersoul of the three worlds    SB 6.9.40
  tärila tri-bhuvana—delivered the entire three worlds    Antya 2.15