Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhute

  bhute—in the material elements    Madhya 8.87, Madhya 19.233

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhute

  cori-bhute—being beset by thieves    SB 4.18.7
  svah bhute—at the end of the night, when the morning comes    SB 8.16.44-45
  svah-bhute—on the following morning    SB 6.19.22
  svah-bhute—in the morning    SB 9.20.17
  jiva-bhuta-atma-bhute—who is the life and the Supersoul    SB 5.24.19
  putri-bhute—in the Lord, who had appeared as the son of mother Yasoda    SB 10.8.51
  sarva-bhute—to all living beings    Adi 3.45
  atma-bhute—situated within the body    SB 5.1.27
  atma-bhute—situated in the heart    SB 5.5.35