Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhutam

  bhutam—created    Bg 10.39
  bhutam—wonderful    SB 1.6.25
  bhutam—past    SB 2.1.24
  bhutam—whatever is created    SB 2.6.13-16
  bhutam—living entity    SB 3.29.33
  bhutam—the material existence    SB 4.29.2b
  bhutam—which happened in the past    SB 4.29.2b
  bhutam—entity    SB 5.5.23
  bhutam—the material elements air, fire, water and earth    SB 5.18.32
  bhutam—it has happened    SB 8.11.33

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhutam

  asesa-bhutam—being complete    Adi 2.14, Madhya 20.160
  jiva-bhutam—they are the living entities    Adi 7.118, Madhya 20.116
  tri-pad-bhutam—existing as three fourths of the opulence of the Supreme Lord    Madhya 21.51, Madhya 21.88
  brahma-bhutam—liberated by identification with the Absolute    Bg 6.27
  brahma-bhutam—qualitatively equal with the Supreme Absolute    SB 1.18.26
  jiva-bhutam—the living entities    Bg 7.5
  jiva-bhutam—existing as the living entities    Madhya 6.165
  rohit-bhutam—to her in the form of a deer    SB 3.31.36
  sarva-bhuta-atma-bhutam—the soul in all entities    SB 7.1.43
  tatha-bhutam—in that state    SB 1.18.27
  tri-pad-bhutam—consisting of three fourths of the energy    Madhya 21.56
  adi-bhutam gatesu—enter within the subtle elements of sense perception    SB 10.3.25
  atma-amsa-bhutam—a potency of the Supreme Soul    SB 8.12.42
  atma-bhutam—offspring.    SB 1.5.5
  atma-bhutam—the cause of all causes    SB 10.2.18