Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhutaih

  bhutaih—by other living entities    SB 4.24.65, SB 6.12.12
  bhutaih—by the elements    SB 2.4.23
  bhutaih—with the help of the material elements    SB 2.5.4
  bhutaih—by living entities    SB 3.29.38
  bhutaih—by material elements    SB 3.31.30
  bhutaih—with the elements.    SB 4.7.37
  bhutaih—by the material elements    SB 4.11.15
  bhutaih—by some living beings    SB 6.15.6
  bhutaih—by the separated energies, the five material elements    SB 7.7.49
  bhutaih—with all living entities    SB 7.12.15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhutaih

  sva-iccha-bhutaih—all appearing by Your personal sweet will    SB 8.5.46