Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhutah

  bhutah—who exists    Adi 4.72, Madhya 8.163
  bhutah—existing    Adi 1.63, Madhya 10.12
  bhutah—converted into    SB 1.13.10
  bhutah—have already appeared    SB 9.1.5
  bhutah—becoming    SB 10.3.15-17

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhutah

  brahma-bhutah—being one with the Absolute    Bg 18.54, Madhya 24.132
  brahma-bhutah—freed from material conceptions of life but attached to an impersonal situation    Madhya 8.65, Madhya 25.155
  amsa-bhutah—plenary expansions    SB 4.1.31
  bhuta-atma-bhutah—those who are equal to all living entities    SB 8.3.7
  brahma-bhutah—self-realized    Bg 5.24
  brahma-bhutah—being liberated    SB 4.23.13
  brahma-bhutah—who was self-realized, standing on the Brahman platform    SB 5.10.6
  jiva-bhutah—the conditioned living entities    Bg 15.7
  karnika-bhutah—existing as the pericarp    SB 5.16.7
  kesara-bhutah—as filaments    SB 5.16.26
  krmi-bhutah—becoming one of the worms    SB 5.26.18
  karana-bhutah—existing as the cause    SB 6.9.38
  mithuni-bhutah—being united in sex    SB 5.24.17
  paramatma-bhutah—the origin of all causes.    Madhya 25.37
  rajani-bhutah—the darkness of night    SB 5.14.9
  tirtha-bhutah—personified holy places of pilgrimage    Madhya 20.57