Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhuta

  bhūta—living entities    Bg 11.15, Bg 13.31, SB 1.2.2, SB 3.9.12, SB 3.12.18, SB 3.27.7, SB 4.12.37, SB 4.31.2
  bhūta—other living beings    SB 1.2.27, SB 6.10.9, Adi 3.91
  bhūta—material elements    SB 3.8.11, SB 3.9.33, SB 3.9.36
  bhūta—to other living entities    SB 3.30.31, SB 4.29.23-25
  bhūta—ghost    Antya 18.49, Antya 18.55, Antya 18.61
  bhūta—elements    SB 2.5.32, SB 2.6.22
  bhūta—jinn    SB 2.6.43-45, SB 3.10.28-29
  bhūta—past    SB 2.8.12, Madhya 25.37
  bhūta—body    SB 3.9.3, Antya 5.124-125
  bhūta—the gross elements    SB 3.26.25, SB 3.31.13
  bhūta—the material elements    SB 3.27.14, SB 3.33.2
  bhūta—of living entities    SB 4.11.10, SB 4.29.23-25
  bhūta—other living entities    SB 4.29.32, SB 8.12.11
  bhūta—the ghost    Antya 18.56, Antya 18.62
  bhūta—everything that be    Bg 9.11
  bhūta—creation    Bg 9.13
  bhūta—living entity    Bg 13.35
  bhūta—created    SB 1.2.33
  bhūta—the gross    SB 2.2.30
  bhūta—all that is created or born    SB 2.5.3
  bhūta—the five gross elements (the sky, etc.)    SB 2.10.3
  bhūta—the evil spirits    SB 2.10.37-40
  bhūta—material ingredients    SB 3.5.29
  bhūta—ghosts    SB 3.20.40
  bhūta—the five elements    SB 3.28.41
  bhūta—gross material elements    SB 3.31.44
  bhūta—ego    SB 3.32.9
  bhūta—of all existence    SB 4.11.11
  bhūta—the physical elements    SB 4.17.34
  bhūta—the material energy    SB 4.24.62
  bhūta—the five gross elements    SB 4.28.58
  bhūta—of different nations    SB 5.1.40
  bhūta—all living entities    SB 5.22.10
  bhūta—ghosts named Bhūtas    SB 6.8.24
  bhūta—the five material elements    SB 6.12.11
  bhūta—by the five material elements    SB 7.2.46
  bhūta—of the material elements    SB 7.3.29
  bhūta—and of the Bhūtas    SB 7.4.5-7
  bhūta—with all the gross material elements    SB 8.20.22
  bhūta—evil spirits    SB 10.6.27-29
  bhūta—of ordinary living entities    Madhya 22.141
  bhūta—an ordinary ghost    Antya 18.51
  sarva-bhūta—in all living entities    Bg 5.25, SB 4.11.11, SB 4.12.5, SB 4.30.26, SB 6.2.36-37, SB 6.9.39, SB 6.17.33, SB 9.9.29, SB 9.10.51
  ittham-bhūta—so wonderful as to attract the attention of the self-satisfied    Madhya 6.186, Madhya 17.140, Madhya 24.5, Madhya 25.159
  sarva-bhūta—all living entities    Bg 10.20, SB 2.9.39, SB 4.12.5, SB 4.22.18
  sarva-bhūta-stham—within the hearts of all living entities    Adi 5.77, Madhya 20.251
  aṁśa-bhūtā—being a plenary expansion    SB 4.1.4
  akhila-bhūta-hṛt-sthitaḥ—because He is antaryāmī, situated everywhere, in the core of everyone’s heart    SB 10.12.25
  bhūta nahe—is not a ghost    Antya 18.64
  bhūta-aṅgiraḥ-kṛśāśvebhyaḥ—unto Bhūta, Aṅgirā and Kṛśāśva    SB 6.6.2
  bhūta-anugraha-kātarāḥ—very much anxious to bestow benedictions upon the fallen conditioned souls    SB 6.5.39
  bhūta-anukampinām—who are very sympathetic toward the suffering living entities    SB 6.10.5
  bhūta-balim—a presentation for all living entities    SB 6.11.18
  bhūta-bhartṛ—maintainer of all living entities    Bg 13.17
  bhūta-bhaya-dasya—of one who is always fearful to the living entities    SB 3.14.43
  bhūta-bhedaḥ—distinct from all other material form    SB 3.11.15
  bhūta-bhṛt—maintainer of all living entities    Bg 9.5
  bhūta-bhāva-udbhava-karaḥ—action producing the material bodies of the living entities    Bg 8.3
  bhūta-bhāvana—O origin of everything    Bg 10.15
  bhūta-bhāvana—the generator of all living beings    SB 2.5.1
  bhūta-bhāvana—O protector of the living entities    SB 4.18.9-10
  bhūta-bhāvana—O cause of all living entities    SB 7.10.26
  bhūta-bhāvana—O the cause of the happiness and flourishing of all of them    SB 8.7.21
  bhūta-bhāvana—O Supreme Being, well-wisher of everyone, who can cause one to flourish    SB 8.22.21
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—is the source of all manifestations.    Bg 9.5
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—the creator or the father of everything created    SB 1.13.49
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—the well-wisher of the ghostly characters    SB 3.14.24
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—the maintainer of everyone    SB 4.11.26
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—who is the original cause of the cosmic manifestation    SB 4.14.19
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—the cause for the manifestation of all living entities    SB 6.16.51
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—for the welfare of all living entities.    SB 8.7.42
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—always the well-wisher of all the living entities    SB 9.3.34
  bhūta-bhāvanaḥ—who is the cause of the cosmic manifestation    SB 10.1.3
  bhūta-dayayā—by mercy for the living beings    SB 6.10.8
  bhūta-dhruk—he who harms others    SB 6.18.25
  bhūta-dhruk—a person who does not accept the śāstric injunctions and is unnecessarily envious of other living entities    SB 10.10.10
  bhūta-droheṇa—by envy of other living entities    SB 5.26.10
  bhūta-druham—revolter against other living beings    SB 1.17.10-11
  bhūta-druhaḥ—who are always against the progress of other living beings    SB 8.1.26
  bhūta-druhaḥ—who are meant for giving trouble to the living entities    SB 8.7.32
  bhūta-druhaḥ—persons violent toward other living entities    SB 8.15.22
  bhūta-īśa—the lord of the ghosts    SB 3.14.23
  bhūta-īśa—of Bhūteśa (the lord of the ghosts, Lord Śiva)    SB 4.6.22
  bhūta-īśa—O master of everyone    SB 8.22.21
  bhūta-īśa—the controllers of the living entities    SB 9.4.53-54
  bhūta-īśaḥ—the controller of everyone    SB 4.11.26
  bhūta-īśaḥ—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the master of everything    SB 6.15.6
  bhūta-īśvaraḥ—the proprietor of all the universe    SB 8.15.1-2
  bhūta-gaṇa—who are ghostly living beings    SB 5.24.17
  bhūta-gaṇaiḥ—by the living entities    SB 1.14.17
  bhūta-gaṇaiḥ—by the Bhūtas    SB 4.2.14-15
  bhūta-gaṇaiḥ—by the ghosts    SB 8.12.1-2
  bhūta-gaṇe—other material elements.    Madhya 19.217
  bhūta-gaṇān—ghosts    Bg 17.4
  bhūta-gaṇān—the ghosts    SB 4.4.10
  bhūta-gaṇān—the ghostly living entities    SB 8.1.26
  bhūta-gaṇāḥ—the living entities    SB 4.24.63
  bhūta-grāma—to other living entities    SB 3.29.24
  bhūta-grāma—all the living entities.    Adi 3.32
  bhūta-grāmam—all these cosmic manifestations    Bg 9.8
  bhūta-grāmaḥ—the aggregate of all living entities    Bg 8.19
  bhūta-grāmaḥ—the aggregate creations    SB 3.6.8
  bhūta-grāmeṣu—among all species of life    SB 7.10.20
  bhūta-hatyām—killing of animals    SB 1.8.52
  bhūta-indriya—composed of elements and senses    SB 7.9.35
  bhūta-indriya-manaḥ-mayaiḥ—consisting of body, senses and mind    SB 3.27.13
  bhūta-indriya-āśayam—resting place of the senses and the objects of the senses    SB 4.8.77
  bhūta-indriya-ātmakam—the original cause of the senses and the living beings    Madhya 25.36
  bhūta-jam—because of other living entities    SB 7.15.24
  bhūta-jātāni—the living entities    SB 6.18.47
  bhūta-kṛt—the creator of the universe.    SB 2.9.44
  bhūta-maheśvaram—exalted position as the Supreme Person, creator of the material world.    Madhya 25.39
  bhūta-mātrām—the five gross material elements and the sense objects (form, taste, sound and so on)    SB 6.4.25
  bhūta-nilayam—the original source of all living entities    SB 8.1.11
  bhūta-nāthaḥ—the lord of the ghosts    SB 4.5.4
  bhūta-nāthān—to such leaders of the ghosts as Bhairava    SB 6.11.17
  bhūta-parṣadbhiḥ—by ghostly companions    SB 3.14.24
  bhūta-patayaḥ—rulers of ghosts    SB 9.10.14
  bhūta-patīn—demigods    SB 1.2.26
  bhūta-patīn—great leaders of human society    SB 4.27.11
  bhūta-patīn—the forefathers (prajāpatis)    Madhya 24.123
  bhūta-patim—the master of the bhūtas    SB 4.3.5-7
  bhūta-preta—ghosts    Antya 18.57
  bhūta-preta-jñāne—by thinking to be a ghost    Antya 18.66
  bhūta-preta-piśācānām—of the bhūtas (ghosts), pretas and piśācas    SB 4.5.25
  bhūta-rāṭ—the king of the ghosts.    SB 3.14.24
  bhūta-rāṭ—the lord of the bhūtas.    SB 4.2.32
  bhūta-rāṭ iva—like Rudra, or Sadāśiva.    SB 4.22.60
  bhūta-saṅghāḥ—other material elements.    SB 4.11.20
  bhūta-sargau—created living beings    Bg 16.6
  bhūta-sargaḥ—creation of matter    SB 3.10.16
  bhūta-sargaḥ—material creation    SB 8.5.32
  bhūta-sauhṛdam—friendship with other living entities    SB 8.8.21
  bhūta-sauhṛdam—because of love for the general public    SB 10.7.32
  bhūta-sthaḥ—in the cosmic manifestation    Bg 9.5
  bhūta-sūkṣma—the sense objects    SB 4.24.34
  bhūta-sūkṣma-ādiḥ—subtle sense objects    SB 3.5.32
  bhūta-sūkṣmam—the elements, gross and subtle    SB 3.21.20
  bhūta-sūkṣmāṇi—the five subtle objects of sense perception    SB 5.7.2
  bhūta-ādau—in the false ego, the origin of material existence    SB 9.7.25-26
  bhūta-ādeḥ—of the material elements    SB 2.5.25
  bhūta-ādi—material ego    SB 2.10.32
  bhūta-ādinā—by the five elements    SB 4.23.17
  bhūta-ādiḥ—the false ego (origin of the material elements)    SB 3.20.13
  bhūta-ādiḥ iva—like the false ego    SB 5.7.2
  bhūta-ādyāḥ—headed by Bhūta    SB 9.24.47-48
  bhūta-ātma-bhūtāḥ—those who are equal to all living entities    SB 8.3.7
  bhūta-ātman—O life and soul of everyone in this world    SB 8.7.21
  bhūta-ātmā—having a body of matter    SB 2.8.9
  bhūta-ātmā—the Supersoul in all beings    SB 3.29.21
  bhūta-ātmā—the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 4.11.26
  bhūta-ātmā—the Supersoul of all living entities (the supreme director and enjoyer of them)    SB 6.16.51
  bhūta-ātmānam—the Self in all beings    SB 3.29.27
  bhūta-āvāsam—all-pervading    SB 3.2.9
  bhāvita-bhūta-bhāvanam—who manifests His different forms for the satisfaction of His devotees    SB 5.17.18
  brahma-bhūta—fully self-realized    SB 5.10.8
  daiva-bhūta-ātma—all due to the body, supernatural power and other living beings    SB 1.10.6
  dakṣiṇa-āvarta-kuṇḍalī-bhūta-śarīrasya—whose body is like a coil turning toward the right side    SB 5.23.5
  dravī-bhūta—became melted    Madhya 8.41
  dravī-bhūta—melted    Antya 12.75
  dūrī-bhūta—far off    SB 3.27.10
  ei bhūta—this ghost    Antya 18.58
  gandharva-apsarasaḥ, yakṣāḥ, rakṣaḥ-bhūta-gaṇa-uragāḥ, paśavaḥ, —all inhabitants of different planets    SB 2.6.13-16
  ittham-bhūta—such wonderful    SB 1.7.10
  ittham-bhūta—being thus    SB 1.17.45
  ittham-bhūta—thus    SB 4.23.30
  ittham-bhūta-śabdera artha—the meaning or import of the word ittham-bhūta    Madhya 24.36
  ittham-bhūta-guṇaḥ—having qualities like this    Madhya 24.35
  jīva-bhūta-ātma-bhūte—who is the life and the Supersoul    SB 5.24.19
  jīvanī-bhūta—has become the life    Madhya 23.95-98
  kaṣāyī-bhūta—becoming exactly like red-hot copper    SB 7.5.34
  kara bhūta-jñāna—consider a ghost    Antya 18.64
  kuṇḍalī-bhūta-dehasya—whose body, which is coiled    SB 5.23.5
  kṛta-bhūta-maitraḥ—having become friendly to everyone    SB 5.13.20
  nivāsa-bhūtā—the womb of Devakī has now become the residence    SB 10.2.19
  pañca-bhūta—five gross elements    SB 3.31.14
  pañca-bhūta—the five material elements    Madhya 25.125
  sarva-bhūta—for all living beings    SB 3.22.38
  sarva-bhūta—of everyone    SB 3.23.22
  sarva-bhūta—of all beings    SB 3.24.39
  sarva-bhūta-adhivāsāya—present everywhere (within the heart of every living entity and within the atom also)    SB 9.19.29
  sarva-bhūta-bhavāya—for the auspiciousness of all living entities    SB 8.23.20-21
  sarva-bhūta-gaṇa-āvṛtaḥ—accompanied by all kinds of ghosts and hobgoblins.    SB 9.14.6
  sarva-bhūta-guhā-vāsam—living within the core of the heart of everyone    SB 8.16.20
  sarva-bhūta-guhā-āvāsam—residing in the heart of all living entities    SB 3.12.19
  sarva-bhūta-hite—all living entities' welfare    Bg 12.3-4
  sarva-bhūta-mayaḥ—all-pervading Personality of Godhead    SB 8.4.16
  sarva-bhūta-nivāsāya—the person who lives in everyone’s heart    SB 8.16.29
  sarva-bhūta-stham—situated in all beings    Bg 6.29
  sarva-bhūta-sthitam—situated in everyone's heart    Bg 6.31
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛdaḥ—a well-wisher to all others    SB 5.9.17
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt—friendly to all living entities    SB 6.1.56-57
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt—becoming a well-wisher of all living entities    SB 7.13.3
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt—the friend of all living entities    SB 8.7.36
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt samaḥ—because of being a devotee, friendly and equal to everyone    SB 9.2.11-13
  sarva-bhūta-suhṛt-ātmā—who was thus the friend of all living entities    SB 5.10.8
  sarva-bhūta-ātma-bhūtam—the soul in all entities    SB 7.1.43
  sarva-bhūta-ātma-bhāvena—by a merciful attitude toward all living entities    SB 9.5.11
  sarva-bhūta-ātman—O You, who are the Supersoul    SB 9.8.26
  sarva-bhūta-ātmani—the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 5.19.20
  sarva-bhūta-ātmani—who is situated as the soul and Supersoul of all living entities    SB 7.7.53
  sarva-bhūta-ātmanām—of the Supersoul of all living entities    SB 4.7.54
  sei bhūta—that ghost    Antya 18.59
  tiraḥ-bhūta—disappeared    SB 3.33.24-25
  veṇī-bhūta—entangled    SB 4.28.44
  yakṣa-rakṣaḥ-piśāca-preta-bhūta-gaṇānām—of Yakṣas, Rākṣasas, Piśācas, ghosts and so on    SB 5.24.5
  ātma-bhūta-śabde—the word ātma-bhūta    Antya 7.28

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