Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhuri

  bhuri—great    SB 4.12.10, SB 4.19.8, SB 7.13.38
  bhuri—many    SB 1.1.11, SB 9.10.3
  bhuri—greatly    SB 1.3.44
  bhuri—extremely    SB 1.8.34
  bhuri—sufficiently    SB 1.16.3
  bhuri—heavy    SB 1.16.23
  bhuri—extensive    SB 2.2.12
  bhuri—extensively    SB 3.10.21
  bhuri—repeatedly    SB 3.25.2
  bhuri—abundant    SB 7.4.15
  bhuri—a great quantity    SB 7.13.38
  bhuri—very much    SB 8.5.47
  bhuri—constantly, or more and more    SB 8.19.6
  bhuri—sufficient    SB 10.5.26
  bhuri—in various ways    Antya 15.1

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhuri

  bhuri-manah—a brahmana proud of possessing such qualities.    Madhya 20.59, Antya 4.69, Antya 16.26
  bhuri-bhagah—extremely fortunate    SB 7.10.48, SB 7.15.75
  bhuri-da—the most munificent    Madhya 14.14, Madhya 14.14
  asprsta-bhuri-mahatmyah—whose great glory is not touched    SB 10.13.54
  bhuri-bhara-bhrt—because Krsna then became more powerful and heavy than the demon.    SB 10.7.26
  bhuri-bharah—possessing a great abundance    SB 5.5.31
  bhuri-bharena—by a burden of unnecessary fighting power    SB 10.1.17
  bhuri-sravah—Bhurisrava    SB 9.22.18-19
  bhuri-da—O Maharaja Pariksit, giver of great charity    SB 6.13.1
  bhuri-daksinaih—by giving large contributions to the brahmanas    SB 9.6.35-36
  bhuri-daksinaih—giving abundant gifts to the brahmanas    SB 9.18.48
  bhuri-dah—most beneficent    Madhya 14.13
  bhuri-karmane—famous for performing many virtuous acts    SB 4.19.40
  bhuri-karmana—who can do many wonderful things    SB 8.22.6-7
  bhuri-karunaya—who are unlimitedly merciful    SB 8.3.17
  bhuri-punyavat-arpitaih—which were offered by devotees engaged in the greatest pious activity, worshiping the Supreme Lord by hearing, chanting and so on.    SB 10.13.49
  bhuri-varcase—the supreme effulgence.    SB 4.24.40
  bhuri-viryanam—with great potential power    SB 3.12.50
  bhari-bhuri—the confidential meaning.    Madhya 3.71
  bhari-bhuri—these grave talks    Madhya 8.278