Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhumnah

  bhumnah—of the Supreme    SB 2.10.19, SB 3.11.39
  bhumnah—of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.    Adi 5.83, Madhya 20.267
  bhumnah—of the Almighty    SB 2.1.34
  bhumnah—of the Supreme Lord.    SB 2.6.42
  bhumnah—the Supreme    SB 2.6.46
  bhumnah—the most exalted    SB 4.30.39-40
  bhumnah—from King Bhuma    SB 5.15.6
  bhumnah—the Supreme Lord    SB 5.25.12
  bhumnah—O great one    SB 8.7.34

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing bhumnah.