Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhumeh

  bhūmeḥ—of the earth    SB 3.2.18, SB 3.7.26, SB 5.26.5
  bhūmeḥ—of land    SB 8.15.1-2, SB 8.21.29
  bhūmeḥ—of the land    SB 1.15.38
  bhūmeḥ—of the entire world    SB 2.7.26
  bhūmeḥ—of earth    SB 3.27.18
  bhūmeḥ—at the earth    SB 4.17.13
  bhūmeḥ—of the planet earth    SB 5.24.7
  bhūmeḥ—of the surface of the world    SB 9.7.18
  bhūmeḥ—on the surface of the earth    SB 10.1.64
  bhūmeḥ guṇa-viśeṣaḥ—the distinctive characteristic of earth (odor)    SB 3.26.48

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