Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhujam

  bhujam—arms    SB 1.17.15, SB 10.6.22-23
  bhujam—the arm    SB 6.12.3, SB 9.3.25
  bhujam—and my arm    SB 6.12.16
  bhujam—hand    Adi 6.68
  bhujam—those who drink.    SB-4.21.40
  bhujam—of all the kings    SB 4.23.25

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhujam

  catuh-bhujam—with four hands    SB 2.2.8, SB 2.9.16, SB 10.3.9-10, Madhya 24.156
  bali-bhujam—like the crows    SB 1.18.33
  catuh-bhujam—four handed.    SB 4.8.47
  catuh-bhujam—four hands.    SB 10.3.30
  vit-bhujam—of stool-eaters    SB 5.5.1
  yajna-bhujam—all the demigods eligible to accept yajna offerings    SB-4.21.36
  ayudha-bhujam—his arms and weapons    SB 7.2.29-31