Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhu

  bhū—born    Adi 2.30, Adi 3.69, Adi 6.23
  bhū—of the world    SB 4.23.25
  bhū—of the land    SB 4.28.30
  bhū—of this planet earth    SB 5.26.40
  bhū—the earth    SB 6.13.5
  bhū—Bhūloka    SB 8.17.10
  bhū—named bhū    Adi 5.27-28
  bhū—earth    Adi 5.72
  bhū—attractive existence    Madhya 9.30
  bhū-pāla—O King    Madhya 6.156, Madhya 20.115
  bhū-bhāraḥ—burden of the world    SB 1.15.35
  bhū-bhārān—the burden of the world    SB 1.15.25-26
  bhū-dhara—O lifter of the earth    SB 3.13.40
  bhū-dhāraṇa-śakti—the power to carry the planets.    Madhya 20.371
  bhū-golaka-viśeṣam—the particular description of Bhūloka    SB 5.16.4
  bhū-golam—this universe    SB 5.25.12
  bhū-golam—the surface of the earth    SB 10.8.37-39
  bhū-golasya—of the planetary system known as Bhūgolaka    SB 5.20.38
  bhū-maṇḍala—of the planetary system known as Bhū-maṇḍala    SB 5.16.1
  bhū-maṇḍalam—the complete earth    SB 4.12.16
  bhū-maṇḍalam—the whole earth    SB 4.18.29
  bhū-maṇḍalam—the universe    SB 5.17.21
  bhū-maṇḍalam—the huge universe    SB 6.16.48
  bhū-maṇḍalasya—of the entire planet earth    SB 9.19.23
  bhū-maṇḍalena—by the earth planet    SB 3.13.41
  bhū-pa—O King    SB 1.9.22
  bhū-patim—ruler of the world    SB 4.13.11
  bhū-patiḥ—the King    SB 4.18.12
  bhū-pāṁśavaḥ—the atoms of the universe    Madhya 21.11
  bhū-pātāla—underneath the land    SB 2.8.15
  bhū-pāḥ—O Kings    SB 4.31.17
  bhū-saṁsthānam—the situation of the earth    SB 5.1.40
  bhū-sura-kulāt—from the group of demigods on this earth (the brāhmaṇas)    SB 4.26.24
  bhū-talam—the surface of the earth    SB 9.9.4
  bhū-tale—on the surface of the earth    SB 1.17.8
  bhū-tale—on this earth    SB 4.25.12
  bhū-tale—on the ground    SB 4.26.17
  bhū-valayasya—of the earthly sphere    SB 5.21.19
  bhū-valayasya sanniveśaḥ—the arrangement of the whole universe    SB 5.21.1
  bhū-vivarāḥ—other planets    SB 5.24.7
  bhārata-bhū-jayaḥ—a birth in the land of Bhārata-varṣa    SB 5.19.23

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