Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhru

  bhrū—eyebrows    SB 2.1.30, Madhya 14.190
  bhru—having eyebrows.    SB 3.28.30
  bhru—eyebrows    SB 4.24.45-46
  bhrū—of the eyebrows    SB 7.9.23
  bhrū—two eyebrows    Madhya 21.129
  bhru-kuṭī—with frowning eyebrows    SB 7.2.3
  bhru-kuṭī—by the eyebrows    SB 9.4.43
  bhru-kuṭi—eyebrows    SB 2.7.14
  bhru-kuṭi—of her eyebrows    SB 5.9.18
  bhru-kuṭyā—by the movement of his brows    SB 4.5.11
  bhrū-bhaṅga—signals of the eyebrow    SB 2.2.12
  bhrū-bhaṅga—even the slightest agitation of an eyebrow.    Adi 10.45
  bhrū-bhaṅga-mātreṇa—simply by the flicking of the eyebrows    SB 9.4.53-54
  bhrū-dhanu-nartana—dancing of the eyebrows    Madhya 21.105
  bhrū-latā—of the arched eyebrows    Antya 1.171
  bhrū-maṇḍala—by the eyebrows    SB 5.18.16
  bhrū-maṇḍalam—arched eyebrows    SB 3.28.32
  bhrū-vilāsa—activities of the eyebrows    SB 8.8.41-46
  bhrū-vilāsa—due to the pastimes of the eyebrows    Madhya 14.192
  bhrū-viṭapena—by the leaves of the eyebrows    SB 3.2.18
  bhrū-yugmam—two eyebrows    Madhya 14.181
  riṅgat-bhrū—whose slowly moving eyebrows    Antya 1.166
  ruṣā āropita-bhrū-vijṛmbha—by flickering of His raised eyebrows in anger    SB 9.10.4
  su-bhru—O beautiful-eyed one    SB 4.25.27
  su-bhru—having nice eyebrows    SB 4.25.31
  su-bhru—with beautiful eyebrows    SB 4.26.23
  su-bhru—O my wife, with beautiful eyebrows    SB 9.19.12
  su-bhru—O Śakuntalā, with beautiful eyebrows    SB 9.20.15

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