Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhrgu

  bhrgu—the sage Bhrgu    SB 3.11.30
  bhrgu—Bhrgu    SB 6.17.12
  bhrgu—by Bhrgu    SB 7.3.14
  bhrgu—with Bhrgu Muni    SB 8.23.20-21
  bhrgu—the great saint Bhrgu    SB 9.4.53-54

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhrgu

  bhrgu-dattam—given by Sukracarya    SB 8.15.8-9
  bhrgu-devatah—who are now strong devotees of Sukracarya, the disciple of Bhrgu.    SB 6.7.23
  bhrgu-nandana—O son of Bhrgu    SB 1.12.7
  bhrgu-nandana—O son of the Bhrgu dynasty, Saunaka    SB 10.1.14
  bhrgu-nandanah—is Cyavana Muni (and no one else).    SB 9.3.22
  bhrgu-udvaha—O glory of the family of Bhrgu.    SB 1.8.15
  bhrgu-varya—O chief of the Bhrgus    SB 1.11.32
  bhrgu-varyam—the best of the Bhrgu dynasty, Lord Parasurama    SB 9.15.29
  bhrgu-adayah—headed by Bhrgu    SB 4.14.1
  bhrgu-adayah—the great sages headed by Bhrgu    SB 6.3.14-15
  bhrgu-adinam—of the great sages headed by Bhrgu    SB 4.24.72
  bhrgu-adyah—headed by Bhrgu Muni, one of the seven rsis    SB 8.23.26-27