Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhratr

  bhratr—brothers    SB 1.8.49, Madhya 19.210, Antya 7.42
  bhratr—brother    SB 1.13.21, SB 4.9.33
  bhratr—by his brother    SB 1.13.29
  bhratr—one's own brother    SB 1.14.4
  bhratr—of your brother    SB 4.11.33
  bhratr—a brother    Madhya 22.163

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhratr

  bhratr-hanam—who was the killer of his brother    SB 6.11.13
  bhratr-hanam—the killer of his brother    SB 8.19.7
  bhratr-hantaram—the killer of the brothers    SB 6.18.24
  bhratr-ha—the killer of my brother    SB 6.11.14
  bhratr-ha—killer of the brother    SB 7.5.35
  bhratr-ha—the killer of his brother    SB 7.10.15-17
  bhratr-ha—Lord Visnu, who killed the brother    SB 8.19.12
  bhratr-jnatin—brothers and kinsmen    SB 5.8.9
  bhratr-matim—daughter having a brother    SB 4.1.2
  bhratr-patnyam—with the brotherís wife    SB 9.20.36
  bhratr-putranam—of the nephews    SB 3.3.12
  bhratr-putran—the sons of his brother    SB 7.2.17
  bhratr-rupa dasa—servants as younger brothers    Antya 6.196
  bhratr-vadham—the killing of his brother    SB 4.10.4
  bhratr-vat—exactly like a brother    SB 7.4.31-32
  bhratr-vatsala—affectionate to your brother.    SB 4.11.9
  bhratr-vatsalah—very affectionate to the brothers.    SB 4.24.1
  bhratr-vatsalah—O you who are very much affectionate to your brothers.    SB 6.5.30
  bhratr-vyavahara—treating as brothers.    Madhya 16.220