Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhramite

  bhramite—wandering    Madhya 3.5, Madhya 13.180
  bhramite bhramite—while thus moving    Adi 17.139, Adi 17.139
  bhramite bhramite—while traveling    Madhya 4.21, Madhya 4.21
  bhramite bhramite—while touring    Madhya 17.166, Madhya 17.166
  bhramite bhramite—wandering and wandering    Madhya 22.14-15, Madhya 22.14-15
  bhramite bhramite—wandering in different forms in different manners    Madhya 24.310, Madhya 24.310
  bhramite bhramite—while wandering    Antya 18.26, Antya 18.26
  bhramite bhramite—wandering    Antya 19.85, Antya 19.85
  bhramite lāgilā—began to tour.    Antya 3.148
  brahmāṇḍa bhramite—wandering in this universe    Madhya 19.151
  saṁsāra bhramite—wandering throughout the universe    Madhya 22.43

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