Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhojane

  bhojane—eating.    Madhya 10.138, Antya 3.30, Antya 12.141
  bhojane—to eat    Antya 6.107, Antya 6.118, Antya 12.43
  bhojane—take prasada.    Madhya 4.83
  bhojane—to take lunch    Antya 12.124

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhojane

  ati-guru-bhojane—because of eating too much    Antya 10.147
  bhojane vasila—sat down to accept the prasada.    Antya 7.69
  bhojane vasila—sat down to eat    Antya 2.109
  bhojane vasila—sat down to accept prasada.    Antya 10.146
  bhojane vasila—sat to take His food    Antya 12.130
  guru-bhojane—by overeating    Antya 10.19
  karena bhojane—accepts food.    Antya 12.90
  karila bhojane—accepted food.    Madhya 15.295
  karimu bhojane—I shall dine.    Madhya 25.236
  karite bhojane—to take his lunch    Madhya 19.91
  karaila bhojane—made eat.    Madhya 19.88
  karaya bhojane—fed sumptuously.    Madhya 14.44
  karaya bhojane—causes to eat    Madhya 15.65
  pulina-bhojane—eating on the bank of Yamuna    Madhya 11.233
  randhana-bhojane—cooking and eating    Madhya 20.22
  sannyasi-bhojane—in feeding the sannyasis.    Madhya 9.298
  vanya-bhojane—in eating vegetables collected from the forest    Madhya 17.64
  vanya-bhojane—a picnic    Antya 18.118
  vasila bhojane—sat down to eat.    Antya 12.146
  vasila bhojane—sat down to eat    Madhya 15.244
  vasila bhojane—sat down for eating    Antya 10.117