Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhojana

  bhojana—eating    Madhya 3.65, Madhya 3.67, Madhya 3.88, Madhya 3.92, Madhya 3.107, Madhya 3.133, Madhya 3.202, Madhya 4.208, Madhya 11.201, Madhya 12.165 (and more...)
  bhojana—eating.    Madhya 3.57, Madhya 3.63, Madhya 3.77, Madhya 3.90, Madhya 3.106, Madhya 4.91, Madhya 4.94, Madhya 5.102, Madhya 7.51, Madhya 11.202 (and more...)
  bhojana—lunch    Madhya 6.41, Madhya 6.45, Madhya 11.210, Madhya 15.15
  bhojana—the eating    Madhya 3.100, Madhya 15.246, Antya 12.136
  bhojana—taking lunch.    Madhya 18.78, Antya 15.6
  bhojana—dining together    SB 1.15.19
  bhojana—to eating    SB 5.14.6
  bhojana—feasting.    Madhya 1.261
  bhojana—dining.    Madhya 3.160
  bhojana—lunch.    Madhya 6.42
  bhojana—his eating.    Madhya 12.178
  bhojana—accepting lunch    Madhya 15.239
  bhojana—eating or enjoying.    Madhya 22.123
  bhojana—dining    Antya 3.31

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhojana

  bhojana kari—after eating    Madhya 12.198, Madhya 14.43, Antya 6.120
  karila bhojana—ate    Antya 10.147, Antya 10.151, Antya 12.149
  bhojana kariya—after eating    Antya 11.89, Antya 12.91
  bhojana karana—feeding    Madhya 3.204, Antya 15.94
  karaye bhojana—eat    Madhya 12.154-155, Antya 6.87
  karena bhojana—eats.    Madhya 12.175, Antya 10.83-84
  karena bhojana—eats    Antya 6.113, Antya 13.108
  karite bhojana—to take lunch.    Madhya 12.159, Madhya 15.223
  bhojana dekhi—seeing the eating    Antya 2.66
  bhojana kaila—took His lunch    Madhya 15.253
  bhojana kaile—after he has taken his meal    Antya 12.144
  bhojana kaila—took His lunch    Antya 10.129
  bhojana kara—take your lunch    Madhya 15.288
  bhojana karaha—kindly accept this prasada    Madhya 3.72
  bhojana karaha—just take your meal    Madhya 20.20
  bhojana kare—began to eat.    Antya 10.124
  bhojana kari—after taking lunch    Madhya 19.91
  bhojana kari—after finishing eating    Antya 6.94
  bhojana kari—eat    Antya 12.92
  bhojana karina—after taking lunch.    Madhya 6.47
  bhojana karila—honored prasada and ate it    Madhya 4.84
  bhojana karila—he took his lunch    Madhya 9.196
  bhojana karila—dined.    Madhya 25.237
  bhojana karile—after eating    Antya 16.12
  bhojana karilun—I am taking My food    Madhya 12.189
  bhojana karila—He accepted offerings of food    Antya 2.36
  bhojana karila—partook of the prasada    Antya 2.112
  bhojana karila—began to eat.    Antya 11.87
  bhojana karila—ate.    Antya 14.117
  bhojana karite—to eat.    Madhya 3.78
  bhojana karite—to take lunch    Madhya 9.354
  bhojana karite—to eat    Madhya 14.41
  bhojana kariya—after eating all the offerings    Antya 2.69
  bhojana karaila—fed    Madhya 14.42
  bhojana karaila—he fed.    Antya 7.63
  bhojana-carita—eating affairs    Madhya 15.299
  bhojana-grhera—of the dining room    Antya 10.55
  bhojana-kirtana—eating and chanting    Madhya 3.136
  bhojana-kale—at the time of lunch    Antya 10.131
  bhojana-lila—pastimes of accepting prasada    Madhya 14.103
  bhojana-ranga—process of eating    Madhya 14.45
  bhojana-range—in the enjoyment of eating.    Antya 6.75
  bhojana-vilasa—pastime of eating    Madhya 15.298
  chadila bhojana—gave up eating.    Antya 8.60
  cida-dugdha bhojana—eating of the chipped rice and milk    Antya 6.140
  kaiche bhojana—how do they eat.    Madhya 19.125
  kaila bhojana—took prasada    Antya 11.91-93
  kaila bhojana—took the remnants    Antya 18.107
  karaha bhojana—take Your lunch    Madhya 15.234
  karaha bhojana—all of you eat    Antya 6.86
  karaha bhojana—take your meal.    Antya 6.208
  karaha bhojana—please eat.    Antya 10.122
  karaha bhojana—take your prasada    Antya 11.18
  kare bhojana—accepts the prasada    Madhya 14.40
  karena bhojana—accepts His food    Madhya 14.36
  karena bhojana—took prasada.    Antya 1.26
  karena bhojana—would accept His meal    Antya 8.90-91
  kariba bhojana—will take lunch.    Antya 12.127
  karibe bhojana—take your lunch.    Madhya 11.183
  karibe bhojana—will take food.    Antya 6.118
  kariba prasada bhojana—you will accept prasada.    Antya 13.103
  karila bhojana—took prasada    Antya 6.119
  karila bhojana—ate.    Antya 16.9
  karila bhojana—took lunch.    Antya 16.54
  karila bhojana—accepted their lunch.    Madhya 14.92
  karila bhojana—took the prasada    Madhya 14.241
  karila bhojana—he ate.    Antya 6.188
  karila bhojana—took lunch    Antya 12.52
  karite bhojana—to partake of the prasada.    Madhya 3.60
  karite bhojana—to take their luncheon.    Madhya 11.198
  karite bhojana—to accept the prasada.    Antya 7.64
  kariye bhojana—I can eat.    Madhya 3.83
  kariye bhojana—I eat    Antya 3.38
  kariye bhojana—let Me eat    Antya 6.74
  kariya bhojana—by eating.    Antya 2.68
  kariyachena bhojana—have eaten.    Madhya 15.229
  kariyachena bhojana—has eaten    Antya 6.123
  karaila bhojana—offered many foodstuffs    Antya 2.77
  karaila bhojana—made to eat.    Antya 3.222
  karaila bhojana—He made to eat    Antya 11.88
  karaila bhojana—fed    Antya 12.136
  karaite bhojana—to feed Me    Antya 19.8
  karana bhojana—gives food for eating    Madhya 25.206
  karana bhojana—makes to eat.    Antya 2.87
  karaya pulina-bhojana—induces Him to eat on the river bank.    Antya 6.89
  ke kare bhojana—who will eat them    Madhya 15.57
  keha na kare bhojana—no one would eat    Antya 11.85
  koti-brahmana-bhojana—feeding ten million brahmanas    Antya 3.222
  krsna-prasada-bhojana—eating the remnants of food offered to the Lord    Madhya 24.338
  krsnera bhojana-sayana—in this way offering eatables to Krsna and laying Him down to rest.    Madhya 24.334
  na kare bhojana—does not accept food.    Madhya 17.179
  na karena bhojana—did not eat    Antya 12.128
  panditera bhojana—the eating of Jagadananda Pandita    Antya 12.151
  prasada bhojana—eating of prasada.    Madhya 12.200
  prasada bhojana—accepting prasada.    Antya 8.98
  prasada bhojana—taking prasada    Antya 10.81
  prasada bhojana kari—after taking the prasada    Madhya 16.99
  prasada-bhojana—to take the prasada.    Madhya 11.113
  pulina-bhojana—eating on the bank of the Yamuna    Antya 6.87
  pulina-bhojana—picnic on the bank of the Ganges    Antya 6.139
  snana bhojana kara—take your bath and take prasada    Antya 2.140
  snana bhojana karana—inducing to bathe and take prasada    Antya 2.141
  vana-bhojana—picnic in the forest    Madhya 14.243
  vanya bhojana—a picnic in the forest    Antya 18.107
  vanya-bhojana—a picnic within the garden.    Antya 1.62
  vanya-bhojana—eating in the garden.    Antya 6.243
  vanya-bhojana—taking a picnic.    Antya 10.104
  vanya-bhojana—a picnic in the forest    Antya 20.135