Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhitah

  bhītaḥ—being afraid    SB 3.20.24, SB 6.13.4, SB 7.5.50, SB 7.8.2, SB 8.22.10, SB 9.2.7
  bhītāḥ—being afraid    SB 4.30.47, Adi 4.173, Madhya 18.65, Antya 7.40
  bhītāḥ—fearful    SB 3.29.41, SB 3.29.42
  bhītaḥ—being afraid of    SB 1.9.1
  bhītaḥ—being greatly afraid after the Battle of Kurukṣetra    SB 1.12.34
  bhītaḥ—frightened    SB 3.31.11
  bhītaḥ—being afraid (that the demons would gain strength by being blessed by Viśvarūpa)    SB 6.9.4
  bhītaḥ—full of fear    SB 9.4.49
  bhītaḥ—fearing    SB 9.13.20-21
  bhītāḥ—out of fear    Bg 11.21
  bhītāḥ—being fearful    SB 3.17.15
  bhītāḥ—frightened    SB 3.17.22
  bhītāḥ—afraid    SB 7.7.4-5
  bhītāḥ—being very much afraid    SB 8.7.19
  bhītāḥ—fearing    SB 9.2.4
  bhītāḥ—we are very much afraid    SB 10.4.34
  bhītāḥ—being afraid of    Madhya 8.219
  bhava-bhītāḥ—those who are afraid of material existence    Madhya 19.96
  bhīta-bhītaḥ—fearful    Bg 11.35
  bhīta-bhītaḥ—in great fear    SB 5.8.22
  gaja-bhītaḥ—being afraid of the elephant of death    SB 5.13.18
  mṛtyu-vyāla-bhītaḥ—afraid of the serpent of death    SB 10.3.27
  nirhrāda-bhītāḥ—frightened by Nṛsiṁhadeva’s roaring    SB 7.8.32
  tat-saṅga-bhītaḥ—being afraid of such material association    SB 7.10.2

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