Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhit

  bhit—difference    SB 6.17.30

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhit

  agha-bhit—the Supreme Personality, who can vanquish all sinful activities    SB 9.9.6
  ari-bhit—piercing the enemy    SB 7.9.15
  ativirya-vrtra-bhit—so powerful that it could pierce the body of the very powerful Vrtrasura    SB 8.11.32
  bala-bhit—the slayer of the demon Bala    SB 6.12.32
  bhit-asraye—in the existence of varieties of difference    SB 10.13.39
  sabda-bhit—by word jugglery    SB 7.15.13
  madhu-bhit—of the killer of the Madhu demon    SB 4.29.39-40
  mati-bhit—contaminating the consciousness    SB 6.5.38