Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhayam

  bhayam—fear    Bg 10.4-5, SB 1.13.18, SB 1.17.31, SB 3.9.6, SB 3.24.40, SB 3.25.41, SB 3.26.16, SB 3.27.20, SB 3.29.26, SB 4.26.24 (and more...)
  bhayam—fearfulness    Bg 18.35, SB 1.19.14, SB 3.8.20, SB 3.15.33, SB 3.15.48, SB 4.8.4, SB 5.24.11
  bhayam—danger    SB 1.14.10, SB 4.14.9
  bhayam—fear.    SB 3.29.37, SB 7.13.33
  bhayam—fear itself.    SB 1.1.14
  bhayam—cause of fear    SB 1.17.9
  bhayam—fear of death.    SB 4.27.18
  bhayam—fearful conditions    SB 5.22.13
  bhayam—fear (among them).    SB 8.11.28
  bhayam—there is a cause of fear.    SB 10.1.44
  bhayam—fearful    SB 10.2.41
  bhayam—there was fear of death.    SB 10.11.55

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhayam

  akutah-bhayam—the life of fearlessness.    SB 1.12.28
  akutah-bhayam—free from all doubts and fear    SB 2.1.11
  akutah-bhayam—fearing no one    SB 3.17.22
  akutah-bhayam—fearlessly    SB 3.19.2
  akutah-bhayam—without fear.    SB 3.25.43
  akutah-bhayam—giving relief from all fear    SB 3.31.12
  akutah-bhayam—which is free from all kinds of fearful danger    SB 5.6.9
  akutah-bhayam—the shelter of fearlessness    SB 5.18.14
  akutah-bhayam—fearlessness    SB 5.24.25
  akutah-bhayam—where there is no fear anywhere or at any time    SB 7.10.47
  akutah-bhayam—completely free of fear    SB 8.22.10
  arajaka-bhayam—due to fear of the danger of an unregulated government    SB 9.13.12
  bhayam-karah—horrible.    SB 3.12.25
  bhayam-karan—causing panic    SB 4.14.37
  ksut trt bhayam—hunger, thirst and fear    SB 5.10.10
  krsnah asya bhi-bhayam—Krsna, who is Himself the fearful element of all kinds of fear (when Krsna is present, there is no fear)    SB 10.13.13
  loka-bhayam—fear created by animals, poison, weapons, water, air, fire and so on    SB 6.8.34
  loka-bhayam-kara—very fearful to all living entities    SB 5.8.3
  loka-bhayam-karah—causing fear throughout the universe.    SB 3.26.57
  mat-bhayam—fear me    SB 1.17.14
  sarva-graha-bhayam-karah—who is fearful to all evil planets.    SB 10.6.25-26