Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhaya

  bhaya—fear    Bg 2.56, Bg 4.10, Bg 5.27-28, SB 4.22.35, SB 4.29.39-40, SB 5.6.5, SB 5.14.27, SB 5.18.14, SB 6.1.51, SB 6.16.13 (and more...)
  bhaya—fear.    Adi 17.182, Madhya 5.105, Madhya 9.51, Antya 15.73
  bhaya—fearfulness    Bg 12.15, SB 1.7.7, Madhya 19.187
  bhaya—of fear    SB 5.8.4, SB 6.15.21-23
  bhaya—appeal    Madhya 13.146, Madhya 25.42
  bhaya—fearful    Bg 18.30
  bhaya—and from fear    SB 5.8.6
  bhaya—and sometimes by fear    SB 7.9.39
  bhaya—afraid.    Adi 17.93
  bhaya—fearing    Madhya 14.174
  bhaya—exists    Madhya 7.26
  bhaya—illuminates    Madhya 8.114
  bhaya—is approved    Madhya 10.158
  bhaya—appeal to me.    Madhya 12.9
  bhaya—appeals    Madhya 12.168
  bhaya—appealed.    Antya 1.77
  bhaya—appears    Antya 4.187

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhaya

  bhaya pana—being afraid    Madhya 11.13, Madhya 17.169, Madhya 17.171, Madhya 18.179
  maha-bhaya—great fear    Adi 17.191, Madhya 17.27, Antya 13.88, Antya 18.66
  bhaya-namnah—of Bhaya (Fear)    SB 4.28.1, SB 4.28.11
  abrahmanya-bhaya-avaham—causing fear to the kings who had no respect for brahminical culture    SB 9.16.18-19
  akutascit-bhaya—undoubtedly fearless    SB 4.24.68
  akuto-bhaya—without fear from any direction    SB 7.7.13
  bhaya citte—we are very fearful.    Madhya 12.18
  bhaya haila—there was fear.    Madhya 19.196
  bhaya laja—fear or shame.    Antya 3.219
  bhaya mani—I am afraid.    Antya 10.96
  bhaya na paiha—do not be afraid    Antya 18.62
  bhaya nahi kare—they were not at all afraid    Madhya 17.198
  bhaya nahi kare—without fear.    Antya 8.20
  bhaya nahi mane—he was not afraid.    Antya 9.25
  bhaya paya—become afraid    Adi 17.95
  bhaya upajila—some fear arose.    Madhya 24.252
  bhaya-amsa—the fear part    Antya 18.63
  bhaya-bhavanaya—by thoughts of fear    SB 1.8.31
  bhaya-girna-ghosah—whose loud sound was silenced through fear    SB 9.10.13
  bhaya-krt—a source of fear    SB 3.18.22-23
  bhaya-kanpa—fear and trembling.    Madhya 19.79
  bhaya-nama—whose name was fear    SB 4.28.22
  bhaya-samvrtan—bewildered by fear    SB 10.4.35
  bhaya-sambhranta-preksana-aksam—began to look very carefully within Krsnaís mouth in fear, to see if Krsna had eaten something dangerous    SB 10.8.33
  bhaya-santrastan—to the cowherd boys, who were disturbed by fear that within the dense forest the calves would be attacked by some ferocious animals    SB 10.13.13
  bhaya-udvignam—disturbed and full of fear    SB 7.7.7
  bhaya-vihvala-iksanam—whose eyes appeared distressed because of such fear of His mother    SB 10.9.11
  bhaya-vihvalah—under pressure of fearfulness.    SB 1.17.29
  bhaya-vihvala—being very disturbed by fear    SB 8.22.19
  bhaya-vihvalam—being afraid.    SB 1.8.8
  bhaya-akulah—with great fear    SB 4.6.1-2
  bhaya-aturam—who is very afraid    SB 5.18.20
  bhaya-atura—in distress and fear    SB 9.2.5-6
  bhaya-avaham—the threatening principle    SB 1.11.3
  bhaya-avaham—fearful    SB 6.18.69
  bhaya-avahah—dangerous.    Bg 3.35
  bhaya-avahah—causing fear.    SB 3.17.3
  bhaya-avahah—producing fear    SB 4.5.12
  bhuta-bhaya-dasya—of one who is always fearful to the living entities    SB 3.14.43
  daitya-bhaya—fear of the demons    Madhya 21.76
  dharma-bhaya—religious principles.    Madhya 5.63
  duhkha-soka-bhaya-avaham—which is the cause of all kinds of distress, lamentation and fear    SB 9.13.10
  haila bhaya—there was fear    Madhya 19.198
  harsa-soka-bhaya-adayah—the sons named Harsa, Soka, Bhaya and so on.    SB 6.6.10-11
  jagat-bhaya—the fear of material existence    SB 1.11.3
  kahite bhaya—afraid to speak    Adi 4.236
  kari bhaya—I am afraid    Antya 6.132
  kari raja-bhaya—I am afraid of the government.    Madhya 20.9
  kariha bhaya—be afraid.    Adi 17.177
  kare tomara bhaya—why should You be afraid of anyone    Madhya 12.49
  lajja-bhaya—fear and shame    Antya 2.100
  loka-bhaya—the fearful people    Adi 17.94
  nirghata-bhaya-sankitah—who were afraid of falling thunderbolts.    SB 10.11.1
  na bhaya—is not approved    Madhya 20.83
  nahi bhaya—there is no fear    Antya 19.51
  nahi bhaya—is not very pleasing    Madhya 16.6
  nahi bhaya—do not appeal.    Madhya 23.24
  nahi bhaya—he does not take as valuable    Antya 6.135
  nahi bhaya—does not appear valuable.    Antya 6.136
  nahi raja-bhaya—without fear of the King    Antya 9.32
  prabhure na bhaya—Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu does not approve    Antya 4.72
  pratyanika-bhaya-avaham—the Lordís disc, which was extremely fearful to the enemies of the Lord and His devotees    SB 9.4.28
  papa-bhaya—fear of sinful activities.    Adi 17.157
  rudra-bhaya—being afraid of Rudra    SB 4.24.68
  raja-bhaya—fear of the government    Madhya 20.10-11
  sa-bhaya—afraid    Antya 6.23
  sa-bhaya-nayana—just now sitting there with fearful eyes    SB 10.8.31
  samrambha-bhaya-yogena—through intense fear and enmity    SB 7.1.28-29
  sada bhaya—always very pleasing    Madhya 12.141
  su-duhkha-bhaya—due to great distress and fear    Madhya 19.202
  uru-bhaya—due to great fear    SB 5.8.5
  uru-bhaya-ha—one who vanquishes great fears    SB 2.7.14
  veda-bhaya—afraid of the injunctions of the Vedas    Madhya 8.36
  vicchedera bhaya—because of fearing separation.    Madhya 16.10
  viyoga-bhaya-katarah—being afraid of giving up the body again    SB 9.13.9
  udha-bhaya—affected by fear    SB 2.7.24
  yuddha-bhaya—fear of fighting.    Madhya 16.173