Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhavena

  bhavena—by devotional service    SB 3.32.11, SB 9.7.25-26, SB 9.9.47
  bhavena—with devotion    SB 3.15.6, SB 3.27.6
  bhavena—by Lord Siva    SB 4.7.1
  bhavena—with Lord Siva    SB 8.23.20-21
  bhavena—by transcendental love    SB 2.7.19
  bhavena—the matter of creation and destruction    SB 2.10.44
  bhavena—features    SB 2.10.44
  bhavena—in feeling    SB 4.7.12
  bhavena—in the topmost stage of ecstasy    SB 4.8.61
  bhavena—with meditation    SB 4.11.11
  bhavena—by the symptoms of love    SB 5.5.35
  bhavena—with the intention    SB 6.18.27-28
  bhavena—thinks    Madhya 1.78
  bhavena—think    Antya 15.42

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhavena

  sarva-bhavena—in all respects    Bg 15.19, Bg 18.62, SB 8.23.15
  ananya-bhavena—without deviation from the thought    SB 3.5.19
  ananya-bhavena—with equal vision    SB 3.28.42
  ananya-bhavena—with devotion    SB 6.18.35
  ananyena bhavena—with undeviated mind    SB 3.25.22
  anartha-antara-bhavena—Himself in the status of Visnu    SB 5.6.6
  bhakti-bhavena—by devotional service    SB 3.24.45
  brahma-bhavena—knowing that I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 10.3.45
  suddha-bhavena—pure    SB 3.28.19
  suddha-bhavena—by the good behavior    SB 6.18.77
  suddha-bhavena—in a pure state of mind    SB 8.16.59
  idrk-bhavena—in such a way    SB 6.18.36
  eka-bhavena—by one birth    SB 4.9.30
  eka-bhavena—accepting as qualitatively one    SB 4.31.18
  ekanta-bhakti-bhavena—because of his performing unalloyed devotional service    SB 9.4.28
  hari-bhavena—mentally accepting him as equal to Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 7.11.29
  mugdha-bhavena—by the childish behavior of the deer    SB 5.8.13
  mugdha-bhavena—as if without knowledge    SB 9.3.4
  naiskarmya-bhavena—because of the stage of spiritual understanding    SB 8.3.16
  parama-bhakti-bhavena—in greatly ecstatic loving service to the Lord    SB 5.19.10
  putra-bhavena—as your son    SB 10.3.45
  sarva-bhuta-atma-bhavena—by a merciful attitude toward all living entities    SB 9.5.11
  sarva-bhavena—with loving ecstasy    SB 3.32.22
  sarva-bhavena—in all respects, in different modes of devotional service    SB 7.9.54
  sva-bhavena—by the natural tendency    SB 6.1.54
  tat-gata-antara-bhavena—his mind saturated with devotional service    SB 9.4.31-32
  vaira-bhavena—by conceiving as an enemy    SB 7.10.35
  visuddha-bhavena—with a pure, uncontaminated mind    SB 5.3.2
  atma-bhavena—by thinking of them as one    SB 4.12.5
  atma-bhavena—as the Supersoul    SB 9.9.29