Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhave

  bhave—in the mood    Adi 4.19, Adi 4.46, Adi 4.221, Madhya 8.201
  bhave—in the ecstasy    Madhya 8.288, Madhya 9.128, Madhya 9.131
  bhave—material world    SB 3.5.40, SB 4.29.84
  bhave—in this material world    SB 4.22.15, SB 4.25.40
  bhave—in the condition    Adi 4.106, Adi 6.93
  bhave—in ecstasy    Adi 4.266, Adi 7.89-90
  bhave—in the material creation    SB 1.8.35
  bhave—unto Lord Siva    SB 3.14.44-45
  bhave—in worldly existence    SB 3.30.4
  bhave—towards Lord Siva    SB 4.2.1
  bhave—in the position    Adi 4.29
  bhave—in the state    Adi 4.108
  bhave—state    Adi 13.93
  bhave—emotions    Adi 17.300
  bhave—thinks    Madhya 1.53
  bhave—ecstatic conditions    Madhya 2.78
  bhave—think    Madhya 8.28
  bhave—in the emotion    Madhya 8.225
  bhave—in this way    Madhya 10.168
  bhave—in that ecstasy    Madhya 13.148
  bhave—considers    Madhya 19.13
  bhave—in the mode of    Madhya 24.57
  bhave—in ecstatic emotion    Antya 15.5
  bhave—in emotion    Antya 19.60
  bhave—because of this ecstasy    Antya 20.61

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhave

  sarva-bhave—in all respects    Adi 4.269, Adi 11.41, Adi 12.57, Antya 17.69
  bhave bhave—in every species of life.    SB 4.30.33, SB 4.30.33
  bhave-bhave—between ecstasies    Madhya 2.63, Madhya 2.63
  bhave-bhave—between one ecstasy and another    Antya 15.87, Antya 15.87
  suddha-bhave—in pure consciousness    Antya 7.30, Antya 7.30
  gopi-bhave—in the ecstasy of the gopis    Adi 11.17, Adi 17.247
  sei bhave—in that ecstasy    Adi 6.88, Antya 17.50
  adhirudha-bhave—in highly elevated love of Krsna    Antya 14.15
  aisvarya-bhave—the mood of full opulence    Madhya 14.216
  ananya-bhave—in an unflinching situation    SB 4.8.22
  asmin bhave—in this appearance (as Krsna)    SB 10.3.43
  atita-bhave—in the previous millennium    SB 1.5.23
  bhakta-bhave—as a devotee    Adi 6.103
  bhakta-bhave—in the emotion of a devotee    Adi 6.111
  bhakti-bhave—with a devotional attitude    Adi 4.227-228
  suddha-bhave—in a purified state of mind    Adi 3.101
  suddha-bhave—in complete purity    Antya 6.296
  dainya-bhave—and in humility    Madhya 3.167
  devi-bhave—as the goddess    Adi 10.13
  dasya-bhave—in the conception of being a servant    Adi 6.47
  dasya-bhave—in the conception of being Lord Krsna's servants    Adi 6.63
  ei bhave—in this way    Adi 4.21-22
  ei bhave—in this ecstasy    Madhya 1.57
  eka-bhave—continuously in the same ecstasy    Adi 10.17
  ekanta-bhave—with single-minded attention    Madhya 5.46
  ekanta-bhave—without deviation    Madhya 10.47
  ekanta-bhave—with full attention    Antya 2.86
  eta bhave—in that mood    Antya 20.45
  gopi-bhave—in the mood of the gopis    Madhya 11.63
  gopi-bhave—in the emotion of the gopis    Antya 17.32
  jyestha-bhave—in the emotion of being superior    Adi 6.99
  kanistha-bhave—in an inferior conception    Adi 6.99
  kona bhave—in some emotion    Antya 20.7
  kanta-bhave—on the platform of conjugal love    Madhya 19.232
  nija-bhave—in his own mood    Adi 4.43
  nana bhave—in various modes    Madhya 8.270
  nana-bhakta-bhave—various emotions of a devotee    Adi 6.110
  nana-bhave—in various ways    Madhya 13.84
  nana-bhave—in varieties of ecstatic love    Madhya 14.159
  nana-bhave—by various ecstasies    Antya 9.5
  nana-bhave—in varieties of emotions    Antya 17.8
  parakiya-bhave—in the mood of parakiya, or conjugal relations outside of marriage    Adi 4.47
  prema-bhave—in ecstatic love    Madhya 14.161
  punah-bhave—into another birth    SB 5.26.37
  putra-bhave—in the position of a son    Adi 4.24
  radhikara bhave—in the emotion of Srimati Radharani    Antya 14.14
  sakhi-bhave—in the mood of the gopis    Madhya 8.204-205
  sakhi-bhave—in mood of the gopis    Madhya 8.229
  sakhya-bhave—as a friend    Madhya 19.198
  sarala-bhave—by simplicity    Antya 7.162
  sarva-bhave purna—complete in every respect.    Adi 6.109
  sat-bhave—in the sense of the nature of the Supreme    Bg 17.26-27
  sei bhave—in that way    Adi 4.21-22
  sei bhave—in such ecstasy    Madhya 13.162
  sei bhave—under such a conception    Antya 14.14
  sei bhave—in that ecstatic mood    Antya 20.46
  sei sei bhave—in that particular emotion    Antya 20.6
  sei sei bhave—in those ecstatic emotions    Antya 20.67-68
  sei sei sva-bhave—in those transcendental qualities    Madhya 14.153
  sei-bhave—in that transcendental emotion    Adi 5.134
  sthayi-bhave—in this continuous existence    Madhya 19.180
  sva-bhave—in nature    Madhya 14.151
  sadhu-bhave—in the sense of the nature of devotion    Bg 17.26-27
  tina-bhave—in three different modes    Adi 5.135
  yei bhave—by which symptoms    Madhya 14.183
  yogya-bhave—by proper behavior    Madhya 24.55