Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhava

  bhava—ecstasy    Adi 15.29, Adi 17.306, Madhya 2.11, Madhya 2.14, Madhya 2.50, Madhya 13.101, Madhya 19.178, Madhya 23.42, Madhya 23.57, Antya 5.24 (and more...)
  bhava—mood    Adi 1.5, Adi 4.43, Adi 4.48, Adi 4.55, Adi 4.109, Adi 4.110, Madhya 8.222
  bhava—emotion    Adi 4.68, Adi 4.108, Adi 6.76, Adi 14.68, Madhya 22.165, Antya 7.26, Antya 14.5
  bhava—just become    Bg 6.46, Bg 8.27, Bg 11.46, Bg 18.57, Bg 18.65, SB 1.11.7
  bhava—Lord Siva    SB 1.18.14, SB 4.22.6, SB 7.10.50, SB 8.7.12, Adi 6.47
  bhava—become    Bg 9.34, Bg 11.33, SB 4.27.30, Madhya 22.57-58
  bhava—ecstatic love.    Madhya 18.42, Madhya 23.55, Antya 7.142, Antya 7.144
  bhava—the emotion    Adi 4.220, Adi 6.82, Antya 17.30
  bhava—ecstasies    Adi 17.299, Madhya 8.174, Madhya 14.125
  bhava—emotions    Madhya 13.171, Antya 14.81, Antya 15.86
  bhava—of material existence    SB 4.29.76-77, Antya 20.12
  bhava—of ecstasy    Madhya 14.167, Madhya 14.183
  bhava—ecstatic symptoms    Madhya 14.175, Madhya 14.188
  bhava—be    Bg 2.45
  bhava—appearance    Bg 11.2
  bhava—you become    Bg 12.10
  bhava—of mundane existence    SB 3.21.14
  bhava—O Lord Siva    SB 4.3.11
  bhava—from birth    SB 4.9.9
  bhava—material existence    SB 4.9.31
  bhava—You please be.    SB 7.8.55
  bhava—compared to the world of nescience (birth, death, old age and disease)    SB 7.9.41
  bhava—by Lord Siva    SB 7.15.77
  bhava—and by Lord Siva    SB 9.10.12
  bhava—the distress of the repetition of birth and death    Madhya 20.141
  bhava—state of being    Bg 8.6
  bhava—nature    Bg 17.16
  bhava—conception    SB 1.5.12
  bhava—expression    SB 1.11.36
  bhava—natural modes    SB 2.7.49
  bhava—constitutional relationship    SB 2.8.5
  bhava—character    SB 3.5.1
  bhava—affection    SB 4.25.30
  bhava—by thinking    SB 7.7.36
  bhava—of the moods    Adi 3.19
  bhava—of moods    Adi 4.81
  bhava—ecstasy.    Adi 7.83
  bhava—the ecstasy    Adi 17.280
  bhava—of ecstatic feelings    Madhya 3.127
  bhava—with the ecstasies    Madhya 8.175
  bhava—emotional    Madhya 13.173
  bhava—ecstatic    Madhya 14.166
  bhava—the mood    Madhya 22.158
  bhava—the loving affairs.    Madhya 24.104
  bhava—emotional love.    Antya 1.147
  bhava—mental position    Antya 5.19
  bhava—position    Antya 5.43
  bhava—the ecstatic feelings    Antya 14.40
  bhava—emotional ecstasies    Antya 14.82
  bhava—the situation    Antya 16.139
  bhava—of ecstatic emotions    Antya 20.66

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhava

  sva-bhava—nature    SB 5.12.10, Madhya 14.141, Madhya 14.153, Madhya 24.11, Madhya 24.12, Madhya 24.104, Madhya 24.110
  bhava-avese—in ecstatic emotion    Antya 17.10, Antya 17.11, Antya 18.6, Antya 19.59
  bhava-avese—in ecstasy    Adi 17.18, Madhya 13.133, Antya 15.31
  bhava-avese—in ecstatic love    Madhya 17.203, Madhya 21.111, Antya 16.150
  sva-bhava—characteristic    Antya 8.17, Antya 9.24, Antya 17.57
  bhakta-bhava—the position of a devotee    Adi 3.20, Adi 4.41
  bhakta-bhava—the emotion of being a devotee    Adi 6.108, Adi 6.111
  bhakta-bhava—the mood of a devotee    Antya 3.75, Antya 18.16-17
  bhava-apavargah—liberation from the nescience of material existence    Madhya 22.46, Madhya 22.84
  bhava-arnavam—the ocean of nescience    SB 9.8.13, SB 10.2.31
  bhava-sindhu—the ocean of nescience    SB 1.6.34, SB 4.23.39
  bhava-janmane—to awaken one's dormant love for Krsna.    Madhya 22.133, Madhya 24.195
  bhava-unmade—by the madness of ecstatic love    Antya 7.20, Antya 18.7
  gopi-bhava—the ecstasy of the gopis    Adi 17.303, Madhya 9.133
  maha-bhava-svarupa—the form of mahabhava    Adi 4.70, Madhya 8.161
  radha-bhava—the mood of Srimati Radharani    Adi 4.99-100, Adi 17.276
  sva-bhava—the nature    Madhya 14.127, Madhya 20.105
  sva-bhava—the characteristic    Antya 3.59, Antya 3.267
  acyuta-bhava—of devotional service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Madhya 22.19
  adhirudha bhava—an ecstasy technically known as adhirudha    Madhya 6.13
  adhirudha maha-bhava—highly elevated ecstatic love    Madhya 14.165
  ananya-bhava—without attachment for others    SB 4.7.59
  antara-bhava—duality    SB 3.15.34
  asta-bhava—of eight kinds of ecstatic emotional symptoms    Madhya 14.175
  asta-bhava—eight kinds of ecstatic symptoms    Madhya 14.177
  bhakta-bhava—the conception of being a devotee    Adi 6.105-106
  bhakta-bhava—the ecstasy of being a devotee    Adi 6.109
  bhakta-bhava—accept the form of a devotee.    Adi 7.11
  bhakta-bhava—the ecstasy of a devotee    Adi 7.12
  bhakta-bhava—devotional humors    Adi 17.275
  bhakta-bhava-maya—in the ecstasy of a devotee    Adi 7.10
  bhava tah—from You    SB 7.10.7
  bhava-abdhim—the ocean of material existence    SB 4.9.11
  bhava-abdhim—the great ocean of nescience.    SB 10.2.30
  bhava-agni—by the blazing fire of material existence    Madhya 16.1
  bhava-ambudhau—in the ocean of nescience    Antya 20.32
  bhava-apaham—who stops the devoteesí repetition of birth and death    SB 5.17.18
  bhava-apaham—that which kills all material pangs    SB 3.13.50
  bhava-apavargam—the only shelter for becoming free from the contamination of material existence    SB 7.8.51
  bhava-arnava-antah—within the ocean of nescience    Madhya 11.151
  bhava-arnavam—ocean of material existence    SB 4.22.40
  bhava-arnave—in the ocean of nescience    Antya 20.33
  bhava-ausadhat—which is the right medicine for the material disease    SB 10.1.4
  bhava-atavim—the forest known as bhava, which means the repetition of birth and death    SB 5.13.1
  bhava-bandha—from entanglement in the material world    Adi 12.91
  bhava-bandha—the bondage of birth and death.    Antya 6.199
  bhava-bandha-moksau—in being implicated and being liberated from material complications    SB 8.12.11
  bhava-bhitah—those who are afraid of material existence    Madhya 19.96
  bhava-bhavam—who is the origin of the material creation    SB 5.17.18
  bhava-bhavanah—the maintainer of creation    SB 1.10.2
  bhava-bhavanah—the creator of this universe    SB 5.2.15
  bhava-chidam—the Personality of Godhead, who can cut the chain of birth and death    SB 4.9.34
  bhava-chidam—who cuts the knot of material entanglement    SB 4.12.6
  bhava-chidah—which can liberate from material bondage.    SB 9.9.14
  bhava-chide—who delivers from the material entanglement    SB 4.1.49-52
  bhava-darsanam—seeing repetition of birth and death.    SB 1.8.25
  bhava-klesa—all material tribulations.    Antya 3.135
  bhava-ksaya—stoppage of repetition of birth and death    Adi 8.28
  bhava-ksaya—annihilation of material existence    Madhya 20.142
  bhava-ksitim—place of birth.    SB 4.3.11
  bhava-pradam—that which awards births and deaths    SB 3.5.11
  bhava-pravaha—the current of rebirth    SB 1.8.36
  bhava-pantha-nija-asrama-aptau—being obtainment of the shelter of Krsna for persons within this material world    SB 6.9.45
  bhava-roga—the disease of material existence.    Adi 3.97
  bhava-roga—the material disease.    Madhya 15.163
  bhava-sambhava—of creation and maintenance    SB 7.9.42
  bhava-sindhu—the ocean of material existence    Antya 11.107
  bhava-sindhu-kula—the far shore of the ocean of material existence.    Madhya 16.237
  bhava-stavaya—for praying to Lord Siva    SB 4.7.11
  bhava-sagaram—the ocean of nescience.    SB 4.31.7
  bhava-sagarasya—of the ocean of material existence    Madhya 11.8
  bhava-vedanam—the tribulations of material existence.    SB 10.11.58
  bhava-vrata-dharah—taking a vow to satisfy Lord Siva    SB 4.2.28
  bhava-vahinya—under the sway of the material laws of nature    SB 7.13.24
  bhuta-bhava-udbhava-karah—action producing the material bodies of the living entities    Bg 8.3
  bhava-advaitam—oneness in oneís conception of life    SB 7.15.62
  bhava-advaitam—the conception of oneness    SB 7.15.63
  bhava-ankura—seed of emotion    Madhya 23.17
  bhava-ankure—whose seed of ecstatic emotion    Madhya 23.18-19
  bhava-amrte—in the nectar of the ecstasy    Madhya 8.220
  bhava-antara—a change of ecstasy    Madhya 13.120
  bhava-anurupa—following the ecstatic emotions    Madhya 13.167
  bhava-anurupa—befitting the emotion    Antya 17.5
  bhava-anurupa—according to the ecstatic emotion    Antya 17.6
  bhava-artha—purport    Madhya 13.123
  bhava-bhakti—of ecstatic devotion    Antya 5.21
  bhava-bhede—according to different emotions    Madhya 20.188
  bhava-bhusaya—with the ornaments of ecstasy    Madhya 14.169
  bhava-saktayah—the creative energies    Madhya 20.113
  bhava-sabalya—mixing of ecstatic symptoms    Antya 15.87
  bhava-sabalye—in the aggregate of all ecstasies    Antya 17.50
  bhava-sabalye—from the aggregate of all ecstatic emotions    Antya 20.133
  bhava-santi—emotions of peace    Madhya 13.172
  bhava-capala—restlessness of ecstatic emotion    Madhya 2.60
  bhava-gana—symptoms of ecstasy    Madhya 2.64
  bhava-gana—ecstasies    Madhya 2.76
  bhava-gambhiram—with a deep purpose    SB 3.20.38
  bhava-gambhiram—although Mohini-murti was full of gravity    SB 8.9.11
  bhava-gambhiram—with serious gravity    SB 8.12.14
  bhava-gamyam—understood by devotees    SB 8.12.47
  bhava-grahanera—of accepting the mood    Adi 4.53
  bhava-grahi—one who accepts the purpose    Antya 10.18
  bhava-jna—knowing his nature    SB 6.18.27-28
  bhava-jna—understanding the attitude (of the husband)    SB 9.10.55
  bhava-kanti—luster of ecstatic love    Adi 4.267
  bhava-kanti—ecstatic love and luster    Madhya 8.279
  bhava-mati—ecstatic mind    Antya 17.54
  bhava-maya—emotional ecstasies    Adi 17.296
  bhava-mudra—characteristics and ecstatic love    Antya 7.163
  bhava-murti—the form of the emotions    Adi 4.106
  bhava-nirjita—mind transformed in transcendental love for the Lord    SB 1.6.16
  bhava-roga—the disease of material existence    Adi 10.51
  bhava-rupa—in the form of ecstatic love    Madhya 24.31
  bhava-sainye—soldiers of ecstasy    Antya 17.58
  bhava-sakala—all the symptoms of ecstatic love    Antya 15.58
  bhava-samanvitah—with great attention.    Bg 10.8
  bhava-samanvitah—with love and devotion.    Madhya 24.189
  bhava-samahara—amalgamation of the feelings    Madhya 19.234
  bhava-sandhi—meeting of ecstatic symptoms    Antya 15.87
  bhava-sindhu—ocean of ecstasies    Madhya 2.82
  bhava-sara—the essence of the ecstasy    Madhya 2.80
  bhava-taranga—the waves of ecstasy    Madhya 3.130
  bhava-tattva—the emotional truth    Madhya 25.265
  bhava-udaya—manifestations of ecstatic symptoms    Madhya 3.162
  bhava-udaya—awakening of emotion    Madhya 13.172
  bhava-udaya—awakening of ecstatic love.    Antya 4.171
  bhava-udaya—awakening of all the ecstatic symptoms    Antya 15.87
  bhava-udgama—ecstatic symptoms    Adi 12.21
  bhava-udgama—manifestation of different ecstasies    Madhya 2.79
  bhava-udgama—awakening of different ecstatic emotions    Madhya 21.113
  bhava-udgama—awakening of ecstasy    Antya 17.54
  bhava-vardhanah—the Lord, who increases the ecstasy of the devotee    SB 4.8.59-60
  bhava-varna—the luster of transcendental ecstasy    Adi 4.271-272
  bhava-vibhusana—ecstatic ornaments    Madhya 14.201
  bhava-vibhusane—ornament of an ecstatic attitude.    Madhya 14.196
  bhava-visesa—transcendental situation.    Antya 8.35
  bhava-visese—in a particular ecstasy    Madhya 13.111
  bhava-vit—knowing the intentions.    SB 3.15.4
  bhava-yogam—the process of devotional service    SB 6.3.26
  bhava-yogya—suitable for that spiritual attraction    Madhya 8.222
  bhava-acchanna—covered by emotion    Adi 14.64
  bhava-adi-madhurye—the sweetness of the loving moods (namely santa-rasa, dasya-rasa, sakhya-rasa, vatsalya-rasa and madhurya-rasa) of the inhabitants of Vrndavana    Madhya 22.155
  bhava-adhyah—richly endowed with emotions    Adi 1.6
  bhava-adhyah—richly endowed with the emotions    Adi 4.230
  bhava-avesa—absorbed in ecstasy    Madhya 5.137
  bhava-avesa—the ecstatic love    Madhya 14.236
  bhava-avesa—of the ecstatic emotion    Madhya 20.171
  bhava-avesa—ecstatic love    Antya 6.85
  bhava-avesa—ecstatic emotion    Antya 17.33
  bhava-avesa-akrti—forms and transcendental emotions    Madhya 20.183
  bhava-avese—on account of absorption in ecstasy    Madhya 2.64
  bhava-avese—in an ecstatic condition    Madhya 2.66
  bhava-avese—by ecstatic love    Antya 13.4
  bhava-avese—in great ecstasy    Antya 17.29
  bhava-avese—ecstatic love    Antya 20.67-68
  bhava-avega—forces of emotion    Madhya 2.57
  bhava-avista—absorbed in that ecstasy    Madhya 13.125
  bhava-avista—always absorbed in thoughts of Krsna    Antya 5.49-50
  bhava-avista—overwhelmed by ecstatic loving emotions    Antya 16.120
  bhava-avista—absorbed in ecstatic love    Antya 16.141
  bhava-avista hana—being overwhelmed by ecstatic love    Antya 20.63
  balya-bhava—the status of a child    Adi 14.36
  balya-bhava chale—as if in His childhood state    Adi 13.23
  suddha bhava—unalloyed love.    Antya 7.37
  santera sva-bhava—the characteristic of santa-rasa    Madhya 19.218
  deha-adi-atma-bhava—the false bodily concept of life    SB 5.9.20
  divya-unmada-bhava—transcendental ecstatic emotions    Antya 14.118
  dasa-bhava—the emotion of being a servant    Adi 6.45
  dasi-bhava—as a maidservant    Antya 5.20
  dasya bhava—the emotion of becoming a servant    Adi 6.82
  dasya-bhava—the conception of being a servant.    Adi 6.53
  dasya-bhava-bhakta—devotees in dasya-rasa    Madhya 19.189
  e-bhava—this ecstasy    Madhya 1.56
  ei bhava—with these ecstatic symptoms    Madhya 14.179
  eta bhava—all these transcendental ecstasies    Antya 20.44
  gopa-bhava—the ecstasy of the cowherd boys    Madhya 15.26
  gopa-bhava—emotion of a cowherd boy    Madhya 20.187
  gopi-bhava—the mood of the gopis    Adi 17.277
  gopi-bhava—the loving mood of the gopis    Madhya 8.228
  gopi-bhava hrdaye—with the ecstatic love of the gopis in His heart    Antya 19.53
  gopi-bhava-darapana—the gopis' ecstasy is like a mirror    Madhya 21.118
  gopi-bhava-varya—the foremost mood of the gopis.    Madhya 8.217
  guru-laghu-bhava—conceptions of high and low    Adi 10.4
  inhara sva-bhava—his characteristics    Antya 8.82
  jiva-loka-bhava-adhva—the path of material existence of the conditioned soul    SB 5.13.26
  karuna sva-bhava—kind behavior    Madhya 18.42
  kevala-bhava—pure emotion    Antya 7.35
  kevala-bhava—pure love    Antya 7.45
  krodha-bhava—anger.    Madhya 14.127
  krsna-bhava-abdhau—in the ocean of ecstatic love for Krsna    Antya 15.1
  krsna-bhava-amrtam—the nectar of ecstatic love of Krsna    Antya 16.1
  krsna-bhava-avese—being merged in ecstatic love for Krsna.    Antya 15.4
  krsna-dasa-bhava—the conception of being a servant of Krsna    Adi 6.77
  loka-bhava—O origin of all planets    SB 8.7.26
  maha-bhava—mahabhava.    Adi 4.68
  maha-bhava—of mahabhava    Adi 4.69
  maha-bhava—the transcendental ecstasy of the name mahabhava    Madhya 8.160
  maha-bhava—supreme ecstasy    Madhya 8.164
  maha-bhava—of the topmost spiritual ecstasy    Madhya 8.165
  maha-bhava—the condition of ecstatic love    Madhya 8.282
  maha-bhava—great ecstasy    Madhya 19.178
  maha-bhava—exalted ecstasy    Madhya 23.42
  maha-bhava—of advanced ecstasy    Madhya 23.87-91
  maha-bhava—of higher ecstatic love    Madhya 24.31
  maha-bhava haya—there is mahabhava.    Madhya 14.175
  maha-bhava-rupa—the personification of the mahabhava transcendental ecstasy    Madhya 8.160
  maha-bhava-sima—the limit of mahabhava    Madhya 24.34
  manah-bhava—by emotion    SB 3.23.11
  manah-bhava—the mental situation    Madhya 8.194
  mat-bhava—thinking of Me    SB 5.5.10-13
  mat-bhava—because of devotional service unto Me    SB 7.10.20
  nirmala-bhava—pure condition    Adi 4.49
  nana bhava—all kinds of feminine postures    Antya 3.245
  nana-bhava—of various ecstasies    Madhya 14.186
  nana-bhava—various postures    Antya 3.238
  nana-bhava—all kinds of emotion    Antya 20.5
  nana-bhava-alankrta-angah—having many ecstatic symptoms manifested in His transcendental body    Madhya 11.1
  nana-bhava-udgara—all the symptoms and transformations of ecstasy    Antya 5.40
  pasupi-bhava—with ecstatic enjoyment as gopis    Madhya 1.84
  prabhura sva-bhava—the characteristics of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Madhya 25.8
  pramoda-bhava—in a pleasing attitude    SB 3.4.10
  prema-bhava—love of Krsna.    Antya 3.267
  premera sva-bhava—the nature of love of Godhead    Antya 20.28
  rudha-bhava—rudha-bhava    Adi 4.162
  radha-bhava—the moods of Radharani    Adi 4.268
  radha-bhava-avese—in the ecstatic emotion of Srimati Radharani    Antya 19.31
  rayera vidaya-bhava—feelings of separation from Ramananda Raya    Madhya 16.155
  sahaja sva-bhava—natural characteristic.    Antya 2.34-35
  sakhya-bhava—a friendly relationship    Madhya 9.110
  sakhya-bhava—by fraternal love    Antya 2.85
  sarva-bhava-udaya—a manifestation of all ecstasies.    Madhya 2.79
  sat-asat-bhava-bhavanam—the cause of varieties of creation, its cause and effect    SB 8.7.24
  se bhava—that ecstasy    Madhya 13.125
  sei bhava—that mood    Adi 4.50
  sei bhava—that circumstance    Madhya 1.80
  sei bhava—that emotional condition    Madhya 23.13
  sevya-sevaka-bhava—the Krsna conscious attitude that the Lord is the master and the living entity is His servant    Antya 2.95
  stambha-bhava—the emotion of being stunned    Antya 14.91
  sthayi bhava—permanent ecstatic moods    Madhya 23.46
  sthayi-bhava—continuous existence    Madhya 19.180
  sthayi-bhava—the permanent ecstasies    Madhya 23.47
  sthayi-bhava—permanent ecstasy    Madhya 23.48
  stri-bhava-prakasa—exhibition of feminine postures.    Antya 3.246
  su-uddipta bhava—ecstasy known as suddipta    Madhya 6.12
  su-uddipta-sattvika bhava—blazing ecstasies of goodness    Madhya 8.174
  sva-bhava—by his own acquired qualities    SB 1.9.26
  sva-bhava—own constitution    SB 2.7.49
  sva-bhava—natural    SB 5.5.31
  sva-bhava—by nature as the cause of development    SB 5.11.11
  sva-bhava—whose nature    SB 7.13.42
  sva-bhava—according to oneís own nature    SB 7.15.14
  sva-bhava—by nature    Madhya 14.163
  sva-bhava—as is the custom    Antya 8.38
  sva-bhava—the character    Antya 20.43
  sva-bhava-jaih—natural    SB 4.29.41
  sva-bhava-jam—born from oneís own modes of nature    SB 7.11.32
  sva-bhava-jena—by one's own nature    Bg 18.60
  sva-bhava-ja—according to his mode of material nature    Bg 17.2
  sva-bhava-krtaya—performed according to oneís modes of material nature    SB 7.11.32
  sva-bhava-vihitah—prescribed, according to oneís material modes of nature    SB 7.11.31
  sadhya-bhava—by which love of Godhead is acquired    Madhya 22.105
  tat-bhava—of the situation of the Supreme Lordís activities    SB 7.7.36
  tattva-bhava—the factual position    Madhya 20.105
  vraja-bhava—the feelings of those in Vraja    Adi 3.15
  yat-bhava—from whom the creation    SB 1.9.32
  ye bhava-bhusaya—with these ecstatic ornaments    Madhya 14.170
  atma-bhava—self-born    SB 1.5.5