Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhartuh

  bhartuḥ—of her husband    SB 3.17.2, SB 3.23.24, SB 3.23.35, SB 4.3.13, SB 4.23.20, SB 4.23.22, SB 4.28.49, SB 6.18.27-28, SB 6.19.2-3, SB 7.7.12 (and more...)
  bhartuḥ—of the master    SB 1.7.13-14, SB 1.7.39, SB 1.7.51, SB 3.4.5, Madhya 24.88
  bhartuḥ—of the Supreme Lord    SB 3.15.17, SB 3.15.25
  bhartuḥ—of our master    SB 8.21.11, SB 8.21.13
  bhartuḥ—of the master, Lord Kṛṣṇa    SB 10.13.37, Adi 5.140
  bhartuḥ—of their husband    SB 1.11.39
  bhartuḥ—of the Lord    SB 3.2.3
  bhartuḥ—of her husband, Kaśyapa    SB 3.19.23
  bhartuḥ—of the bearer, the body    SB 5.10.9
  bhartuḥ—of one who is carrying the palanquin    SB 5.10.21
  bhartuḥ—of your husband    SB 9.3.21
  bhartuḥ—of her husband, Lord Rāmacandra    SB 9.10.55
  bhartuḥ—made possible by her husband    SB 9.18.34
  bhartuḥ—of their master    SB 10.4.30
  sva-bhartuḥ—of their master    SB 3.16.12, SB 8.21.9
  bhartuḥ antikam—unto her husband    SB 9.20.19
  bhartuḥ nāma—the holy name of their master    SB 6.1.30
  bhartuḥ tyāga-viśaṅkitām—very much afraid of being forsaken by her husband because of giving birth to an illegitimate son    SB 9.20.37
  gopī-bhartuḥ—of the Supreme Person, who is the maintainer of the gopīs    Madhya 13.80
  prajā-bhartuḥ—of one who is engaged in the maintenance of the citizens    SB 1.8.50
  prajā-bhartuḥ—with the protector of the living beings    SB 3.13.12
  sva-bhartuḥ—of her husband    SB 4.4.27
  sātvatām bhartuḥ—of the protector of the devotees    SB 10.6.3
  viśva-bhartuḥ—the maintainer of the universe    SB 3.16.24
  vikuṇṭha-bhartuḥ—the Lord of Vaikuṇṭha    SB 3.15.34

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