Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhare

  bhare—fills    Madhya 15.78, Madhya 19.81, Antya 19.97
  bhare—filled up    Adi 17.83
  bhare—by the weight    Madhya 5.150
  bhare—covered    Madhya 15.21
  bhare—because of the weight    Madhya 19.81
  bhare—collects.    Antya 3.191
  bhare—filled    Antya 10.36

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhare

  bhare ghara—the house filled up    Adi 13.119
  jagannathera bhare—by the weight of Lord Jagannatha    Madhya 14.247
  jala bhare—draw water    Madhya 12.107
  jala bhare—draws the water.    Madhya 12.107
  jala bhare—they were drawing water    Madhya 12.111
  puspa-phala-bhare—because of the heavy burden of flowers and fruits    Antya 15.49
  udara bhare—fills the belly    Antya 8.66