Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bharam

  bharam—burden    SB 1.15.34, SB 3.2.18, SB 9.15.15, SB 10.2.40
  bharam—the burden    SB 9.16.27, Madhya 20.299
  bharam—burden.    SB 1.3.23
  bharam—the false burden or responsibility (of maintaining oneís family, society and nation and elaborate arrangements for that purpose)    SB 7.9.43
  bharam—the burden    SB 10.1.22
  bharam—a burden    SB 4.29.33

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bharam

  ati-bharam—too burdensome    SB 1.16.34
  guru-bharam—a great burden    SB 9.24.67
  saubhagya-bharam—the volume of My fortune    Madhya 2.45