Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhajate

  bhajate—worships    SB 1.16.32-33, SB 3.29.22, SB 4.20.9, Madhya 19.207-209
  bhajate—renders transcendental loving service    Bg 6.47
  bhajate—engaged in devotional service    Bg 9.30
  bhajate—he does accept as his own    SB 3.28.38
  bhajate—he turns to    SB 5.14.30
  bhajate—takes care of    SB 8.16.14
  bhajate—deserves    SB 8.22.23
  bhajate—accepts    SB 8.24.6
  bhajate—He enjoys    Adi 4.34

Can't find any compound Sanskrit words containing bhajate.