Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhagna

  bhagna—broken    SB 1.7.13-14, SB 3.3.13, SB 3.9.10

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhagna

  bhagna-pada—broken legs    Madhya 24.231, Madhya 24.232
  bhagna-arjunam—after the pastime of breaking the yamala-arjuna trees    SB 10.11.12
  bhagna-bahu—with broken arms    SB 8.6.36
  bhagna-capan—their bows broken    SB 10.4.35
  bhagna-dantah—with broken teeth    SB 6.6.43
  bhagna-gatranam—whose limbs are badly broken    SB 4.6.52
  bhagna-krama—broken order    Adi 16.55
  bhagna-krama—deviation.    Adi 16.67
  bhagna-manasah—being brokenhearted    SB 8.6.36
  bhagna-mana-damstrah—whose teeth of pride are broken    SB 5.14.21
  bhagna-sankalpam—disappointed    SB 7.10.61
  bhagna-yacna—one who desires objects other than Your lotus feet and who thus becomes broken    SB 5.18.21
  ibha-bhagna—broken by the giant elephants    SB 1.6.12