Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhagini

  bhaginé—sister    SB 4.27.30, Adi 10.25, Adi 10.137
  bhaginé—the sister    SB 6.7.29-30
  bhaginé—like a sister    Madhya 22.6
  bhagini—my dear sister    SB 10.4.15

Compound Sanskrit Words Containing: bhagini

  bhaginé-pati—sister's husband    Madhya 6.112, Madhya 20.38
  bhaginé-sthäne—at the place of the sister    Antya 2.103
  mähitira bhaginé—sister of Çikhi Mähiti    Antya 2.104
  täìra bhaginé—his sister    Antya 2.106