Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhagena

  bhagena—with six opulences    SB 3.9.22
  bhāgena—by the portion    SB 4.6.53
  bhāgena—with the share    SB 4.7.49
  bhāgena—share    SB 4.7.56
  aṁśa-bhāgena—by My plenary expansion    SB 10.2.9
  aṁśa-bhāgena—with all of His potential opulences (Ṣaḍ-aiśvarya-pūrṇa)    SB 10.2.16
  aṁśa-bhāgena—in full potency, with different parts and parcels    SB 10.10.34-35
  phala-bhāgena—by promising a share of the nectar    SB 8.7.1

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