Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: bhadre

  bhadre—O gentle woman    SB 6.18.36, SB 6.18.45, SB 8.17.19
  bhadre—O gentle lady    SB 1.7.16
  bhadre—madam    SB 1.16.19
  bhadre—O gentle friend    SB 6.14.45
  bhadre—O my gentle mother    SB 7.2.24
  bhadre—O most gentle Bhavani    SB 8.7.40
  bhadre—O most gentle Aditi    SB 8.16.4
  bhadre—O auspicious woman    SB 8.16.8
  bhadre—O good lady    SB 8.16.60
  bhadre—my dear gentle lady    SB 8.16.62
  bhadre—O my dear wife    SB 9.19.11
  bhadre—O you who are auspicious for all living entities    SB 10.2.7
  bhadre—my dear sister (all auspiciousness unto you)    SB 10.4.21
  bhadre—in the month of Bhadra (August-September)    Madhya 20.200

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